Shami kabab equation Hyderabadi or sheep shami kabab recipe is a prestigious hyderabadi kabab dish which is made with sheep.

The shami is a real Hyderabadi nourishment which is made by a paste of meat and chana dal(chick pea lentils). Similarly check a meat kofta equation which is nargisi kofta and it is too a hyderabadi delicacy…

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The shami kabab are as sheep patties which are shallow singed in oil and they are by and large eaten with rice or can be eaten as a side dish close by dal plans, for instance, hyderabadi khatti dal, kaddu dalcha or dalcha equation made with chana dal and sheep.

The surface is smooth and they can be made into any shape be it round or oval or the shape you like. They are an extensively notable snack thing in muslim nuclear families. It furthermore is a ramazan unprecedented starter or snack recipe.

Shami kabab recipe is presumably the best equation that can be gotten from Hyderabadi nourishment. The technique requires very few fixings and can be made successfully.

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This is a non veg snack thing anyway can moreover be made with vegetables. The sheep blend nearby chana dal or chick pea lentils give the sheep kababs or sheep patties an excellent flavor.

On a very basic level, chana dal is added to give a perfect legitimate for the shami kabab equation. The kababs may not end up wonderfully if the coupling isn’t right. The equation similarly anticipates that flavors should give a brilliant aroma.


Kababs or kebabs are of different kind and can be made into various collections, for instance, galouti kabab, chapli kebab, chicken kabab, veg kabab , burrah kabab, kakori kabab, seekh kebabs, etc… In veg kababs hara bhara kababs are notable.

Significantly more kababs are renowned in India just as kababs are very typical all through the world. The major component for kebabs is for the most part meat anyway meat can be subbed by chicken, fish, etc…

Kebabs can be fire cooked or scorched at this point this shami kebab recipe is possibly shallow burned in oil and not rotisserie or grilled.


½ kg cheeseburger (ground)

100 gms chana dal (gram lentil)

2 eggs (beaten)

2 medium onions (cut)

1 case garlic (squashed)

2 inch ginger (squashed)

2 – 3 green chilies (cut)

½ cup fresh coriander leaves (cut)

6-8 dry red bean stew (sum)


10 cloves (sum)

10 green cardamom (sum)

2 pcs cinnamon stick (1 inch piece each)

12 dim pepper corns (total)

1 tsp cumin seed (sum)

1 tsp coriander (sum)

4 glasses water

Noor Oil for fricasseeing

Salt to taste



Shami Kebabs are a commonplace generally cherished and uncommon contrasted with other kebab that is viewed as standard inside Afghani, Pakistani and Indian nourishment. It turns out positively as a nibble or successfully goes with any supper.

Steps Involved:

Inside and out wash and soak gram lentil or Chana dal in water for an hour. In a thick bottomed dish, mix the meat, egg, drenched gram lentil, squashed garlic and ginger, hacked onions and to this incorporate red bean stew, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, whole pepper, cumin seeds and whole coriander.

maxresdefault (3)

Incorporate 4 glasses of water and cook on medium warmth till the meat and lentils are delicately cooked. Augmentation the fire to high and evaporate the water completely.


At the point when done, incorporate green chilies and fresh coriander leaves to this mix and back rub well.

Make round, level kebabs by applauding on the palm carefully. Shallow fry this with Noor Oil till splendid dull hued on the different sides.


Serve hot, decorated with cut onions, lemon and is given mint chutney.


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