Halwa Puri

Okay, so since a long time prior referenced Halwa Poori recipe is here. Scrutinize it till end and I have included make ahead tips as most by far of you asked. Halwa Puri and Tarkari isn’t only a standard Pakistani uncommonly Karachi’s morning feast anyway this is something which I created with. You can find shocking Halwa Pooris in each edge of Karachi and it is hard to rate them since they all are astounding. In any case, in the business plan, they make it with white flour/all around convenient flour and uncover to some degree anyway generally stretch with their hands before flipping in the hot oil in a gigantic wok.

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My mom used to make Halwa Poori constantly. Commonly our home which was a joint family structure had bundle of guests. Additionally, I review that when they showed up ground floor (we used to live on first floor), my mom’s wok would be on stove and blend utilize in really 10 minutes nearby potato tarkari(gravy). I used to feel confounded considering the way that I did’nt actually like the chance of her working in the kitchen while guests are sitting yet she supervised everything so superbly with little help from me and my sister that the guests used to welcome the hot pooris with sauces like tarkari, halwa and mince/qeema, kebabs or even kheer immensly.


Poori can be viewed as to some degree shaky to make at home, yet stress not. Today I’m going to walk you through how to make scrumptious and flaky pooris at home!

Start by mixing all the poori blend fixings except for the warm water.

A little bit at a time incorporate warm water and work the player until a sensitive anyway tight blend structures. The player ought to nor be too fragile nor exorbitantly hard.

Once the poori blend is readied, spread it with a material and let it rest for 10-15 mins.

After the player has rested, separate it into little blend balls and start turning them out.

Smooth each blend ball a bit with your fingers, and a short time later overlay them into level thin circles. They ought to be moved slim with the objective that they viably puff up while cooking. A tip to hinder the blend holding fast to the surface while rolling, essentially detect a touch of oil on the hitter balls while fixing them with your fingers before you start collapsing them into plates.

The uncommon thing about hand made pooris are that they can be delivered utilizing wholewheat flour also called aata. Attempt to control the blend medium sensitive and fry in especially hot oil. I have not evaluated what temperature yet when you place your palms over the wok, you can feel the glow and smoke. That is the best approach to have blown/phooli pooris.


By and by years sometime later when I serve them, guests acknowledge just as its extremely engaging to see that they are intrigued how. I am a fomenter Pakistani youngster and I just do’nt like making rotis/chapatis and parathas not in light of the fact that they are dreary however since of the sheer mayhem. The particles of flour genuinely wreck my minimal OCD nerves. Give me Puris and I will make them happily. Another exceptional thing about these pooris are that its blend can be used to make parathas and roghni roti. Entirely adaptable. Potato sauce/Aloo tarkari is very fundamental and everyone asserts an equation that just capacities honorably.


So lets talk about Halwa next. I like halwas/for the most part fudge in English yet since most of them take a lot of time bhoono/blending, I continually withdraw. Regardless, this one is unprecedented. It is set up in a jiffy and is arrange made in heaven for pooris. I am remembering some portion of tips for the equation card so you can achieve regular look and taste.

Making ahead tips

I recommend making poori aata atleast an hour ahead, verified with a sticky texture for a situation so it doesn’t get dry. You can even do it a night preceding you have to serve.

Exactly when your guests are required to appear, you can make little balls/pairay and keep them verified again with spongy material and in a case.

Your wok should be set up with oil filled to for all intents and purposes half stamp.

Woks with a balanced base seems to work better and give anticipated that space should pooris to pad up.

I have not attempted various things with freezing the turned out pooris or blend up to this point anyway I am needing to do. So may be you wanna bounce back after a month or close and check if I have revived the post.


You can turn out pooris and lay them on enormous plate anyway again if they atmosphere is too much dry, they will get dry and if it is too clingy they may end up being too sensitive to even think about evening think about taking care of. So you can investigate if that works for you.

Tarkari is basic as is anyway if you are serving at the start of the day or following day, you can place all fixings in a sauce dish/pot and refrigerate till required. It just takes 20 mins for the potatoes to get fragile so plan in like way.

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Halwa can be made ahead as well and basically ought to be microwaved/warmed before serving.

For the Poori

2 cups Wholewheat Flour

2 tablespoon ghee/oil

1 teaspoon salt

water as required

For the Halwa

1 cup suji/semolina*

1/2 cup sugar

3 cups water

very few saffron strands

2-3 green cardamom

1/2 cup oil/ghee

yellow/orange concealing (optional)

For the Tarkari

2 medium potatoes, washed, stripped and cut in huge squares

1 teaspoon cumin (zeera)

1 teaspoon nigella seeds (kalongi)

1 teaspoon mustard seeds (rai)

1 cup water

salt as demonstrated by taste

1 teaspoon red virus powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

For the Poori


Suji/Sooji Halwa Puri or Shira Poori with black chana masala breakfast, served in a plate and bowl. selective focus

In a huge bowl put flour and salt. Incorporate Ghee/oil and mix in with your hands until joined.

Start including water step by step till everything gets together and shapes a medium sensitive blend. The hitter is the key which will allow you to make tge pooris with no additional flour or oil.

Spot it verified with a moist towel in an invulnerable holder for around an hour. You can maintain a strategic distance from the moist towel if you are in a clammy space.

Recognize a tremendous wok stacked up with vegetable oil basically half full and warmth.

Make little balls from the hitter about an enormous part of the size of roti/chapati.

Turn out with a moving pin. We are concentrating on 4 creeps in separation across pooris.

Significant fry and with an opened spoon fairly press the pooris so they are completely soaked in the oil and starts to puff up. Instantly turn and fry for an extra 10 seconds. The pooris should not assume control more than 20 seconds out and out to get concealing and puff up

For the Halwa

Spot sugar and water in a skillet and warmth till sugar separates.

Warmth ghee/oil with cardamom till it starts to splutter.

Incorporate suji/semolina in a skillet on low warmth and keep blending until semolina is fragrant. It should not change its concealing.

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By then incorporate the sugar syrup, simultaneously. Cook for 3-5 minutes*

Oust from stove and spot in a serving dish.

Adornment with almonds pistachios at whatever point required.

For the Tarkari

Recognize everything on the side in a pot.

Give it an air pocket and stew on low warmth for 15-20 minutes till potatoes are fragile.

For Puri-Add oil and salt, yogurt in a flour and mix well.Add water bit by bit and make a smooth blend. Player should not be tenacious or unnecessarily fragile. Isolated lemon size Small balls. Take a ball, move it in an oil surface till shaky. Warmth oil in a dish and drop Puri in oil,press on top till puffy, flip over and cook. Serve,with Halwa and Chhole


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