Hyderabadi Haleem Recipe

Basic Mutton Haleem Recipe in Pressure Cooker – A smart to make sheep haleem equation which hurries to make yet then so eminent. It requires some venture stood out from the ordinary system that you will stay away forever to cooking it for expanded periods once you taste this structure.

Think I am distorting? Goodness gracious! I am unquestionably not. Taking everything into account, when you start needing the traditional Haleem and soak the wheat and lentils. What’s more, a short time later cook and cook and a while later cook some more for a conventional proportion of time, your wants would have gone for a fling.



However, doesn’t it sound incredible that you can basically make this Easy Mutton Haleem Recipe in Pressure Cooker just like you would achieve for dinner. I fundamentally love this variation and make it more consistently than various adjustments. Taking everything into account, Ms.Quick Fix is my name.

So this Easy Mutton Haleem Recipe in Pressure Cooker should have been extremely expected on my blog. Straightforward and fundamental plans are my nearest allies. I love it when direct plans meet wonderful taste.

You won’t require expanded times of soaking the grains for this Easy Mutton Haleem Recipe in Pressure Cooker. All you ought to do is basically dry dish the wheat and grains and license it to cool before grinding it into a fairly coarse powder. Also, a while later you can make the sheep or chicken masala and cook this nearby the ground powder and flavors.


Haleem is a liberal and brilliant moderate cooked stew which is frequently routinely made with mix of grain, lentils, rice and meat. Ordinarily, sheep, sheep or chicken is used as the meat in haleem. The recipe that I’m sharing today is Chicken Haleem and is notable in Pakistan.


Haleem is an uncommon strong dish since it uses a combination of lentils and meat. It’s a filling dish that is commonly eaten without any other individual or can be eaten with naan.


Haleem is by and large bested with an arrangement of fixings, for instance, singed caramelized onions, gently cut ginger, green chillies and separated coriander. With a smash of lemon juice it might be fundamentally eaten with a spoon.


Regardless, in Pakistan it’s regularly eaten with naan and it’s extremely delicious.


By and by you know me. I’m not the sort that is going to cook an ensnared equation for 8 hours. Since true blue Hyderabadi haleem is normally cooked for 8 hours on low warmth. Umm, by no means happening in a house where two youngsters live lol. This mother ain’t got the perfect open door for moderate cooking.

What You Need:

500 gms incredible quality boneless sheep meat, cleaned and cut into little pieces, don’t clear the excess fat

11/2 cup split wheat/gehun

1 tbsp bengal gram/chana dal

1 tbsp moong dal

1 tbsp masoor dal

5 tbsp ghee/oil

1 tsp cumin seeds/jeera

1 tsp kebab chini

1 cinnamon stick/dal chini

2-3 cloves/laung

2-3 cardamom/elaichi

3 medium onions/pyaz

2 tbsp ginger garlic stick/adrak lahsun


Chicken-Haleem14 green chilies/hari mirch

1 cup yogurt/dahi

2 to matoes, finely cut

1 tsp turmeric powder/haldi

2 tsp red bean stew powder/lal mirch powder

1 group coriander leaves/cilantro/hara dhaniya

salt to taste/namak

lemon wedges/nimbu

coriander leaves/cilantro/hara dhaniya for designing

Bit by bit directions to Make:

Dry feast the wheat, bengal gram, moong dal and masoor dal till they tenderly change the concealing. License it to cool and dry squash it in a coffee processor to a delicately coarse powder.

Warmth oil/ghee in a weight cooker and incorporate the cumin seeds, kebab chini, cinnamon stitck, cloves, cardamom and green stew. Fry for a minute and incorporate the onions. Fry till translucent.

By and by blend in the ginger garlic stick and boneless sheep (or then again you can even use the sheep keema) and fry till all the water has vanished from the sheep.


Hurl in the red bean stew powder, turmeric powder, yogurt, tomatoes and salt. Mix it in and incorporate the ground wheat powder.

Incorporate 5 – 6 cups of water and give it a blend and close the highest point of the weight cooker and cook for 2 whistles. (Change the water add up to shield the base from getting singed.)

License the urge cooker to chill off and cook on low warmth till done blending a great part of the time. (It won’t acknowledge long to cook as the wheat was by then ground and weight cooked. Check the water and alter according to your tendency.)

Serve hot with seared onions, lemon wedges, coriander leaves and ginger julienne.


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