Brooklyn blur #subway #brooklyn #nyc #bedfordave #theLtrain #gotmykombucha #imsowilliamsburg #lols

 Brooklyn blur #subway #brooklyn #nyc #bedfordave #theLtrain #gotmykombucha #imsowilliamsburg #lols

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undefined aka triniboy176

@triniboy176 6 months ago
Are you serious?!? I would die is I saw you on the train!! Are you still in NYC?!

undefined aka aegeanttkn

@aegeanttkn 6 months ago
Great war is coming where are you

undefined aka boritown

@boritown 6 months ago
I love you! So beautiful!

undefined aka acreswell

@acreswell 6 months ago
Ah so you are in NYC! I thought I saw you crossing 6th by Central Park yesterday.

undefined aka schwendigo

@schwendigo 6 months ago
Please don't be *too* Williamsburg. The realm needs heroes.

undefined aka msjoce28

@msjoce28 6 months ago
You fit right in...πŸ€—

undefined aka itznatagame

@itznatagame 6 months ago
Next time will be Nat's take over the town

undefined aka flatrim97

@flatrim97 6 months ago
Noooo why didn't you tell me you were here

undefined aka jon______snow

@jon______snow 6 months ago
She got no time on camera this season 😀

undefined aka mizzzymarc

@mizzzymarc 5 months ago
When your in Brooklyn I can get you some top shelf buds so you can get nice and high the free women way @nathalieemmanuel