Brooklyn blur #subway #brooklyn #nyc #bedfordave #theLtrain #gotmykombucha #imsowilliamsburg #lols

 Brooklyn blur #subway #brooklyn #nyc #bedfordave #theLtrain #gotmykombucha #imsowilliamsburg #lols

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undefined aka npasq211

@npasq211 5 days ago
I grew up here! One of the originals 🙌🏼✌🏼

undefined aka ulrik.n

@ulrik.n 4 days ago
@_niya_sh I had a long winded story I wrote here to make you feel a certain way and then I hit backspace because I'm not suicidal. But it was a good story and also totally plausible due to the content of this photo.

undefined aka _ahmad_msv

@_ahmad_msv 4 days ago
حاجی این زیرنویس فارسیتون نمیاد بیرون ما نگا کنیم این قسمتو سعی کنید واس حل این مشکل زبان فارسیتونو قوی کنید فارسی بحرفید 😄😄

undefined aka triniboy176

@triniboy176 2 days ago
Are you serious?!? I would die is I saw you on the train!! Are you still in NYC?!

undefined aka fideldekatria

@fideldekatria 2 days ago
it seems you haven't watched House Of Cards. If you had, you wouldn't stand there so relaxed.

undefined aka aegeanttkn

@aegeanttkn 17 hours ago
Great war is coming where are you

undefined aka boritown

@boritown 8 hours ago
I love you! So beautiful!