#LeBronJames says he's the King of #NewYork. #BALLGOD

 #LeBronJames says he's the King of #NewYork.

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undefined aka mike.jdm_

@mike.jdm_ a month ago
Don’t call yourself the king of NY unless you play for NY.

undefined aka jmack3616

@jmack3616 a month ago
@lilhaddy8j they’re 7-7 early in the season with a whole new lineup and these guys all came really late in the offseason😂😂

undefined aka lilhaddy8j

@lilhaddy8j a month ago
@jmack3616 they had a change in leadership, that’s a bigger change then the cavs had

undefined aka sam_dub0is

@sam_dub0is a month ago
@jackhouckk he barely beat a terrible Knicks team after trying to bully their 18 yo rookie then posts that he's the king of NY... like congrats dude Knicks blow

undefined aka sad_pimp

@sad_pimp 25 days ago
@alex6smith that would be a really valid argument if I wasn’t a warriors fan

undefined aka peter.parris6

@peter.parris6 25 days ago
@alex6smith I know that but he has been in 8 straight finals because the east isn’t as strong. The old Celtics team was good but recently there has not been any real challenge for him in the east

undefined aka sad_pimp

@sad_pimp 25 days ago
@alex6smith bruh I live in Santa Cruz who tf else am I supposed to root for 😂

undefined aka alex6smith

@alex6smith 25 days ago
@peter.parris61203 there's no good teams in the east because of lebron he forced butler to move George to move and I'm sure there's more I can't think of