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undefined aka steve613

@steve613 2 days ago
Itll be a Never Trump-tacular

undefined aka vlad_all_taken

@vlad_all_taken 2 days ago
This will be Amazing, just an intellectual slaughter house

undefined aka ikambiz

@ikambiz a day ago
You're nothing but an actor and getting paid for spewing your racist ideology.

undefined aka _mattythe_g

@_mattythe_g a day ago
You cant argue with those women theyll just shout you down and act like they won

undefined aka pdionim

@pdionim a day ago
If they shut up for 2 seconds, Shapiro would give them the smack down of the century.

undefined aka warrs28

@warrs28 a day ago
They wouldnt even be able to process 3/4 of what you were telling them.. even if they did they dont want to hear the truth.

undefined aka zionist_empire

@zionist_empire 21 hours ago
Happy Hanukkah . Redemption and National Revival is Soon !

undefined aka iamtheblackkat

@iamtheblackkat 20 hours ago
If like to ask ben a question when can I ask next

undefined aka ian_dinosaur

@ian_dinosaur 19 hours ago
Sir, most likely you will never read this but I'd just like to say that I respect your intelligence and look up to you as a role model

undefined aka _cbw26

@_cbw26 19 hours ago
Please run for president

undefined aka bjhadwin77

@bjhadwin77 19 hours ago
It would be hilarious if you were on that show!!! Einstein vs. teletubbies.

undefined aka resiyfzz36

@resiyfzz36 17 hours ago
dear god Ben, you're such a cuck baby bitch

undefined aka russm535il

@russm535il 9 hours ago
Ben remember to DUMB down your conversation points if you appear on the view so your hosts and the audience will understand . Remember JFK wrote his speeches at the 4th grade reading level 喫

undefined aka jim_distel

@jim_distel 8 hours ago
Hows the charges going against you? Thief

undefined aka da_man197

@da_man197 3 hours ago
They are going to talk over you. But that's fine, they hang themselves when they take that approach.

undefined aka cybergrrrll

@cybergrrrll 4 minutes ago
Im working on essay "global politics in 20 years: my prediction" I have ideas but can someone help me and suggest a couple of ones ?? Pls dm if you can help