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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy creating wonderful memories with your loved ones! ✨💜 #thanksgiving #family #familyiseverything
Landon and I earned our Thanksgiving dinner today 😂💪🏼 #ShiftShop #pushups #thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day with friends and family! #thinksocial #myglossylife #socialgratitude #thanksgiving2017
The cutest little Indian ❤ The kiddos are on their way outside to help Papa shell some more popcorn!
🐔 🙏 Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not, I am thankful for each of you and hope you have a wonderful day! #thankful #grateful #happythanksgiving2017 #appreciateyourblessings
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Its been a crazy year ladies but I've been keeping up with my fitness journey. I've been able to maintain through the busy. But I'm back to focusing on getting physically strong! Kicked it off with a quick 1.5 mile run this morning. Feels good!! So grateful for my family and friends! Have a good one! #busymom #workingmom #runningmom #running #fitmom #momofgirls #motivation #happylife
Doing some quick #girlboss duties before I take my post in the kitchen for the day! Answering messages and emails while I’m fueling up for the day ahead with my superfoods packed shake - aka chocolate goodness! . Quick note: if you are wanting to get back on track or begin a journey to get healthy, let me know! I have an amazing support and accountability group going and we would love to have you in there with us! No better time than MONDAY (or tomorrow 😉) to get started so you can keep yourself in check through the holidays! It will give you a jump start for when January comes around 🙌🏻 ✖️ fitness + nutrition + daily support = RESULTS & SUCCESS! ✖️ . Please let me know if you’d like info and I’ll shoot it all over to you so you can decide if what I do will work for you too! Message me or shoot me an email to charlani.livelifehappy and I’ll send it to you. Messages will be checked later this afternoon (after I prepare Thanksgiving 🥘 dinner) but I’ll get back to you soon! . Have an amazingly awesome day and hope we talk later! 😍 . 📥 charlani.livelifehappy
When final exam is going on. My bed is no longer serves its purpose 😅
Happy Thanksgiving everyone from our family to yours🍁🦃🍽 ! We have many things to be thankful for this year. 😃 Thanks to all of you for supporting us!! 😘 ⠀
I woke up feeling somewhat better so I decided to do Wild Horse from Country Heat. It felt good to dance. Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving festivities today. Lunch with in-laws and dinner with my family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! #zumba #yoga #musclesaresexy #country #workingmom #momofasecondgrader #momofacubscout #countrygirl #busymom #strongereveryday #nevergiveup #pushingtomylimits #mma #kickboxing #countryheat #coredeforce #cize #hammerandchisel #youv2 #shiftshop #ahardweekoflabor #alittleobsessed
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