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Makasih mamah @claracluthfi hadiah ulang bulan ilona yang ke 3 bulan 😘 kiss kiss mwach . . . #sanrio #coolbaby #hellokitty #babygirl #3monthsold #ootd
Some babies are just cool like that.😎. #raybans #babyraybans #coolbaby #babysfirstchristmas #family
No te quedes sin los zapatitos más lindos para tu bebé. Encuentranos en @theshowroomx #VerdeMatatena #babystyle #babymocs #ZapatoparaBebé #HechoconAmor #Navidad #diciembre #Tampico #coolbaby
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The most surprising challenge I've faced with becoming a mother has to do with the practical LOGISTICS of "managing" a baby. Going places, packing things, dressing the baby, making sure their body parts are the right temperature at all times, all that jazz. Nine months into it, I'd say I'm starting to get the hang of it, and have even discovered a few hacks to make things a little less arduous for Lora and myself. For example, since we're mostly at home, Lora just wears a full body playsuits/pyjamas with a zipper that can easily be changed/put on a wiggly baby with willpower like a lion. I've bought a whole bunch used. And when we're about to go somewhere, I add 30 minutes extra to my normal process of getting ready; it makes it a lot less stressful if things don't go according to plan. As you can see, it's winter in Sweden and so going out is quite the process lol. For those who are parents themselves, what challenges has surprised you mostly with having a child? It may be helpful for those with babies on the way, even though there'll always be surprises along the way.
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