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I’m grateful for the sunshine this morning, and the small moment of morning flow...I am completely guilty in the “thinking I have more hours in the day especially the week before Thanksgiving so let’s try to just do all the things.” The baby is still asleep (I practically have a teenager for a baby...he didn’t get up till 10 yesterday morning 😳) my hubby brought my computer up to me so I could get some work & emails done in bed (typically I’m not a work in my room type of person but this morning it felt right. Emails ✅ Short Yoga flow ✅ getting ready for some really cool stuff today 🙏🏼 #HappyMonday #PhDLife #ExerciseResearch #bostonfitness #Boston #FitMama
Happy Monday Babes!!🤗 Remember YOU are your only is progress picture day in our Virtual Fit Club and instead of being proud of where I am, I caught myself playing the comparison game all morning while scrolling the newsfeed...I stopped and reminded myself that we ALL have something that someone else doesn’t, we ALL have something that someone else WANTS...But that’s the beauty of it...we are ALL unique with our own beautiful qualities! • • I switched my mindset and instead wrote 3 positive affirmations down in my journal!🙌🏼 if you’ve ever felt this way before too, join me by starting each morning with positive affirmations!! 💫
🎈But what am I gonna do for your birthday!? 🎈 . . That was the first concern that came to mind when we made the final decision that I'd leave my job as a first grade teacher and stay home with our children. . . Sounds silly right? But I truly didn't like the thought of not contributing financially at all. It was always in the back of my mind that I'd find a way to make a little income so I could do nice things for my husband and have extra cash for other random fun stuff. . . This weekend we celebrated our 6 year anniversary! I was able to whisk him away for a mini vacation inside a vacation at the Renaissance Vinnoy on the beach in St. Pete. I surprised him with the nicest bottle of scotch I could find. And we got to bop around town dating each other like a couple of twenty-something's (although we were still in bed before 10 🤣). . . That felt REALLY GOOD to be able to do. Coaching is something I chose because I've always had a "thing" for health and fitness (although I'd always done it wrong and totally over complicated it). But I knew I was PASSIONATE about it. For the first time in my life I felt freaking GREAT, physically and completely revitalized on the inside too. . . We didn't necessarily need an extra income, although I enjoyed creating a stream of revenue for family fun and adventures by sharing a lifestyle I love. And that has blossomed into SO much more for our family. This whole Florida/Disney Adventure/Mini Anniversary vacation is MY doing. I'm super proud of that and I know Ian is super proud of that too! . . Never would I have expected that I could turn my passion for fitness into a home business bringing in an income of over 5 times what I made as a teacher. . . If you've got a thing for fitness - why not learn a little more about this opportunity! I've got an event filled with information ready and waiting for ya! Comment below or message me and I'll give you access ✌🏼 . . Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.
Oh you want some Monday morning inspiration ? ..... Ok , here it is ❗️ 🖕🏼F U C K 🖕🏼Y O U R 🖕🏼E X C U S E S 😅 Have a good day ! Xoxo
Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve discovered what a difference having the right tools makes when it comes to staying organized and reaching my goals. (Which is also a big reason why I’m so passionate about helping other women get plugged in with tools that fit their needs too!) . One of my most important tools? My planner! I wish I could say I’m one of those pretty planner people (you know, who use all of the colors and stickers and tape), but I’m not. So I love that the Brilliant Life Planner makes it easy to stay organized and is pretty just like it is! . So I’ll just be sitting over here sipping my cup of coffee, swooning over my gorgeous planner, and dreaming up some new ideas for the upcoming year on this Monday morning! If you’re ready to get a jumpstart on your planning too, head to the link in my bio to check out the BLP for yourself! . . . . .  #momproblems  #mommylife  #momlife  #fitmama  #postpartumworkout  #momworkout #fitnessjourney  #mombod  #wahm #sahm  #transformation  #girlmom #fitfam  #healthylife  #getstrong #cleaneating #healthylife #fitnessmom #activemom #momswhoworkout #healthymom #howyouglow #selfcare #loveyourself #livingCHANGErously #theholidaysarecoming
Welcome!!! #Reposting @terrificwords with @instarepost_app -- It's official! We're liquid! Had an amazing weekend learning the art of liquid motion with a lovely group of ladies. Can't wait to see where my knowledge of @liquidmotionct takes me. Thanks so much @accrobrandon For my non pole friends who don't know, liquid motion is a style of movement that combines dance theory, fitness and conditioning exercises to help you build confidence and become more aware of your body. This sensual format is fun and appeals to many. I highly suggest taking a class or getting certified. #getliquid #liquidmotion #fitmama #fitmom #noexcuses #getfit #workitout #workitout #dancefit #getcertified #poledancing #investinyourself
MakeUpYourMindMonday ❤️ . Better yet, make it #NoMoreNovember ✌️ . No more excuses. No more being a victim. No more living a defeated life. No more living an average life. No more being unhappy in the skin you’re in. No more of just surviving. No more living in debt. . Make up your mind to Never Give Up. Make up your mind to never Surrender. . You are a product of your choices! You are in control. . It's never too late for a fresh start💛
Don’t miss this one tomorrow! Head over to our FB group, The Joy Village to join! @youarewellhealth goes liv at 11am est! ☀️ Rebekah Fedrowitz is a board certified holistic nutritionist and founder of You Are Well. She is passionate about freeing people from the traps of band-aid solutions to their health challenges by teaching them to love food that loves their body. ☀️ How to Eat During the Holidays to Make January Easier ☀️ Practical and simple nutrition tips to stay healthy during the holidays, because January is tough for moms! #truthbombtuesday
❣️Jeder ist mal „Anfänger“ ❣️ . Das ist nur ein Satz, aber er ist sehr bedeutend. . Viele kennen es aus der Kindheit „Lass das bitte. Das schaffst du nicht“ oder „Meinst du wirklich, dass du das kannst!“ ❌ Fataler Fehler ❌, denn oftmals stecken ganz andere Gründe hinter diesen Aussagen! Nicht das „NICHT KÖNNEN“! Dein Gegenüber möchte vielleicht nicht, dass du bestimmte Dinge tust, ausprobierst oder vielleicht sogar schaffst? Eventuell weil er es selber nicht kann oder es unbequem für ihn ist 🤷🏼‍♀️. Auch da steckt ja immer eine eigene Geschichte hinter, aber DU musst DEINE schreiben. 📖 . Habe mich selbst dabei erwischt, wie ich meiner Tochter so etwas gesagt habe. Der eigentliche Grund war eher „🙄, noch ein Mitgliedsbeitrag fürs Turnen zahlen!!“ Im Nachhinein echt blöd, denn man stärkt dem anderen nicht gerade das Selbstbewusstsein. 🙁 Sie turnt jetzt auch 😃 und macht das großartig. Sie hat wirklich Ehrgeiz und Talent und ich hätte sie fast gebremst. Sonst lieber ehrlich sagen, woran es scheitert. . Und daraus entstehen dann Erwachsene, bei denen sich immer wieder diese innere Stimme meldet. „Ich würde gerne, aber das schaff ich nie“ „Ach nee, da sind so viele andere, die das besser machen“ „Das ist mir zu peinlich. Nachher mach ich noch was falsch!“ . Und so bleibt die kleine Raupe, immer die kleine Raupe und verzichtet auf eigene Erlebnisse und Entwicklungen. . Man sollte alles im Leben ausprobieren, was einem so im Kopf herumschwirrt oder wo man meint, es könnte einen erfüllen. Gut, nicht unbedingt die nächste Bank ausrauben, aber ihr wisst ja was ich meine 😂😂. . Abnehmen, Sport, ein Buch schreiben, Spagat lernen, Fremdsprachen, Marathon, Malen, einfach neue Hobbies oder ein neuer Job oder gibt soviel zu entdecken! Habt ihr einen Wunsch? . Ich weiß, ich schreibe viel 🙊. Deswegen geht’s ja bald auf dem Blog weiter 😀. . #lovethelifeyoulive #mut #motivation #motivationmonday #leben #lebensweisheiten #anfänger #love #erziehung #hobbies #selbstbewusstsein #ansichglauben #gedanken #gedankenwelt #momlife #fitmama #mama #daslebengenießen #powerful
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