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Mentre fuori nevica io riguardo le foto della nostra vacanza e dei tramonti sull'oceano 🇵🇹❤
Visiting our Lady of Fatima on the feast day of Immaculate Conception on its Centennial year celebration #iskonggala #lakwatsero #ourladyoffatima #Fatima #Portugal #igportugal #faith #pilgrimage
Practicing #martialarts in harmony with #nature I had a lot of fun photographying these clichés 😂 . For those who wonder, aperture is f/11 which creates this starry light
The National Azulejo (tile) Museum presents five centuries of ornamental ceramic tiles tracing the history and production of the art form. This museum is about a 20 minute drive outside of Lisbon, but well worth it to admire these beautiful handmade azulejos! 💙 . . . . #lisbon #lisbonportugal #portugal #portugalthewomen #portugal_em_fotos #igportugal #portugal_lovers #lisboa #lisbonne #penapalace #sintra #sintragram #castle #wu_portugal #superlisboa #loves_portugal #lisbona #lisbonlife #lisbonlive #lisbonalive #lisboncity #tiles #tile #tilemuseum #tileart
I have only been back a week and it has snowed in Boston (nope, not into it) and I am trying to figure out my next destination. __ Likely in the works for potential destinations: LA (with my girl @taylorsbananas in January), London, Ljubljana, Amsterdam, Vienna, Galápagos Islands, Hong Kong. __ Where are some places you want to travel and what do you like to do when you’re out and about? I really enjoy street art, so that’s something I make a point to find when I wander. __ [📍Lisbon, Portugal] #wanderingbostoneater
¥ Paranoia, what did I do wrong this time? ¥
I've been a little bit stuck in fantasy land, as of late. I know I shouldn't. I know it's not good for me. I know that the past is past and I should focus on the future, and yet there's always a force that seems to pull me back in. Maybe it's the comfort of knowing that, because of it's nature, it will never actually happen and it will always be a safe place for me to return to, because I can make of it whatever I wish. And whatever I need. And nothing ever goes wrong and every little detail is exactly what I've always wanted. But see the problem is, there is no endgame to this. You play that movie reel in your head. You indulge in the fantasy for however long you'd like. But what do you do when it's over? Do a re-watch? Put it in a box until you want to see it again? What if you can't let go of it, even after hours of indulging in the same repetitive thoughts? The fantasy is enticing because it is everything I crave, and that's what makes it so dangerous as well. If I'm not careful, I'll sometimes lose myself in it, to the point where real life and the things that are actually physically happening to me seem unexciting or disappointing. My mind is so good at creating fictitious scenarios that I will literally reject reality and real experiences just to indulge in my fantasies a little bit more. It's shit. I shouldn't do it. But living in my own world has always been what I'm best at. People have actually told me that they've felt at times I wasn't 100% with them because it felt like a part of me was always far far away. It is so deeply ingrained in me, this lust for the imaginary, that real life can never compare. So I stick to this. The fantasy. The impossible attachments that can never come to fruition. I corner myself into a state of trance, hypnotized by the idea of something that could in theory be possible, but that I know damn well I will never actually let happen, because it would never be as good as the fantasy version of it.
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Fin del trayecto...
Portugal has a thing for lighting food on fire.
I can't believe the year is coming to an end!!! ✨What's one of your favourite moments in 2017? . . One of mine is standing on the edge of one of the most dramatic and stunning coastlines I have ever seen ✨ We also had the best time exploring the coastline's mini caves, grottos and desert beaches by kayak! We loved Portugal so much we had to visit twice this year!! What's your favourite 2017 moment? 💫
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