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And she gave herself the greatest gift in the world when she learned to accept herself for all that she was #amplifyyourvoice 💕💕💕
This week: Have a CAN DO attitude! #mondaymotivation
Up and running!! Check it out, link in my bio 💕❤️ #inspire #gym #inspireme #stilllazy
I am .... #identity
May your week be peaceful and calm. Japanese Gardens, Portland.
But not THAT much nicer... 😉 . 🙏 #MorningMotivation provided by @FitFamQuotes 💬, my other Instagram profile of daily motivational quotes promoting healthy lifestyles, exercise, fitness & more. #FollowMe #FollowMyIG . #️⃣ #FitnessMotivationDaily #FitnessInspo #MotivateYourself #WordsDoInspire #promoted
I keep mentioning how I want to get out of my comfort zone. Well, being a model definitely accomplishes that! Spent the last two days filming beautiful Phillip Island for promotional material with @yhaaustralia Look out for a blog post about my experience later this week! This is the last thing I thought I would be doing when I arrived in Melbourne three weeks ago. Cinematographer @dcfotofilm not only made the shoot a great time, but utilized framing and lighting techniques I've never heard of to capture some unbelievable footage. Can't wait to see the final product
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