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같이 사진찍기가 쉽지가 μ•Šμ€ 도도남. λ‚œ λ„ˆκ°€ λ¨Ήκ³  잘 λ•Œκ°€ μ € 예뻐. μž…μ‹€ μ „μ—λŠ” μ΄ŒμŠ€λŸ¬μ› λ˜ 쑰리원볡도 λ‚˜κ°ˆλ• 정말이지 ν•˜λ‚˜ μ±™κ²¨μ˜€κ³  μ‹Άμ—ˆλ‹€. λͺ¨μœ μˆ˜μœ  λ§žμΆ€ν˜•μœΌλ‘œ κ·Έλ§Œν•œκ²Œ μ—†λ‹€. #쑰리원 #μ•„λ“€λž¨ #μ΄ˆλ³΄μ—„λ§ˆ #λ‹­λ λ§˜ #baby #lovelovelove
No trip to New Hampshire is complete without a trip to Funspot! (I've been coming here at least once a year since I was itty bitty enough to sit on the "6 Years or Younger" Rides! 😍 #Funspot #FunspotLaconia #BiggestArcadeInTheWorld #LoveLoveLove #Nostalgia #GimmeAllTheTickets #KingOfKong
However you spent your day, with family, friends, or giving. I hope you had the best Thanksgiving you possibly could. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. πŸ¦ƒπŸ½πŸπŸ’› . . . . . . . #Thanksgiving #November #LoveLoveLove
Missing these two today πŸ’ž #comeback #family #lovelovelove #bundfun #shangers #china
Itu ceritanya pas hamil sebulan .. terus hamill 9bulan .. Nahh yg bawah udah gede itu umurr 5 bulan .. senengg yaa paa @djavayogha #happyfamily #LittleFam #happiness #thanksGod #lovelovelove 😚😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘
β€œWe both never been to Disney world or Florida. We had dinner reservations at the beauty and the beast restaurant, the night of mickeys not so scary Halloween party. Belle is my favorite princess so I was super excited but also tired from being at the park all day. I just wanted to shower and relax. He insisted i change to semi formal clothes that we packed that morning. I wasn’t having it because I was smelly and gross and hadn’t showered. Typical girl. So finally I caved and changed. It was so magical inside and throughout the evening. He kept getting up and acting weird. I didn’t think too much of it because I was so happy to eat and sit for awhile. I saw someone out of the corner of my eye and dessert plate was placed in front of me it read β€˜will you marry me?’ In chocolate syrup with Belle and the famous red rose made of white chocolate! When I looked up he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I cried and cried like baby. I was so surprised. I dreamt about how this day would go but everything I dreamt about he did that and much more I could ever hope for!β€πŸŒΉ . . .β € Bride 2 Be @justinejuju12
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