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"My son got his first box today and is so happy... His eyes widened when he saw the packaging and he loved his first snack."
First Things First . Work out before the day gets away from you. . “If I waited until after work,I’d never get my workout in”. . There are just too many commitments that come up. . But that’s me .. . When’s the best time for you to workout at?? .
Se lige her 😍 Vores skønne og dejlige Strala underviser @christinebonde har udgivet en vegansk dessertkogebog. Oh man - se lige alle de lækre ting😋 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vi glæder os til at læse og smovse os igennem den. Stort tillykke 🍽🍰 ❤️A-S #vegansk #desserter #mums #spisspisspis #vegan #yummy #kogebog #yogagirl #yogateacher #lækkerier #doyogadk
FREE FIRST SESSION (limited time) Mum and Baby yoga. With an emphasis on you as a Mum moving your body, controlling your breath and getting a little bit of space. While your baby plays happily. Come along, we do coffee afterwards. Some of the ladies had to head back to work recently and expressed how sad they were to leave the group as it was one of their favourite Mum and baby activities. Come and see for your yourself. Message me today to book your place for tomorrow 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #mums #yogaeverydamnday #barnesmums #barnesyoga #yogiyogifit #breathe
After reading #mytribeofsix post &talking about it I realised I had a post (although as always I would tell you to read MTS posts 😉).Casey is my example of the Gender Bubble’. _____________________ Being a semi tomboy I was concerned that I wouldn’t be close to a girl..she wouldn’t like me as much. Luckily Casey didn’t conform to any gender rules...we don’t do conformity in my house 😉😈 _____________________ The gender bubble: you’re a boy, you WILL like cars, trains, swords, rough playing etc. You’re a girl, you WILL like dolls, barbies, glitter and pink etc. Now my sd is very much in her gender bubble, everything girly she’s obsessed, I love her for it. Casey spends most of her time in the boy bubble and vacations in the girl bubble...not best analogy but im also a mombie 😉😆 _____________________ Casey’s pink bunny that she loves comes everywhere. Her fave toy in the house is a glimmie, loves all things fluffy (but barbies and dolls are a no). Shes a car fanatic, anything car related especially her rc car..funny sight as she’s still small and this is one for a 6-8 year old 🤣😂 🚗 👶 _____________________ Casey fits neither bubble exactly but takes from both. I love this,accept & really do enjoy..I don’t enjoy my sd coming home with questions: “boys play football and sports etc, they can play with tools and build things, drive cars &fight with swords ..but I can’t I’m ONLY a girl! !!😮☹️🙄 But it saddened me😔. I quickly jumped up with encouragement about how girls can do ANYTHING a boy can do, that neither of the genders are any better. SoI taught her a brief history and how it was in grandma’s time and how it still is in some places...she eats this up,she is a sponge she wants info &knowledge, she wants someone to tell her that she can do whatever a boy does, maybe even better if she puts in the work. But what about old school homes?! Many brush it off as feminism but It’s not! how you are raised to think of gender affects your life, the sports you’ll play..or won’t,the job you choose..or don’t. It is imperative that we don’t leave this issue to the schools, we must do this at home and not wait till they are teenagers
Stop Madspild ⚠️🤗 Lynstegte nudler lavet af rester fra frokosten igår, tilsat lidt ekstra grøntsager, æg & edamamebønner. Smagt til med #teriyaki #soya og #sweetchilisauce #velbekomme 🍴🍜😋 #frokost #lunch #fried #noodles #chinesefood #veggies #ernæring #mums #fitfam #sundmad #balance #healthyfood #edamame #instafood #protein #nutrition #copenhagen #sundhedermangeting 💃🏼
Ni vet känslan efter middagen när man är för mätt men ändå vill ha något litet sött? Dessa morotsbollarna är perfekta för det! Morotskaka smaken men i chokladbollsform🤗 100g smör 1 dl Socker 1 dl Havregryn 1 krm Ingefära 1 tsk Kanel 0,75 tsk Kardemumma O,5 tsk Vaniljsocker 2 Rårivna Morötter Kokos 1. Blanda alla torra ingredienser och riv ner morötterna. 2. Rulla till bollar och rulla sedan bollarna i kokos🥕 #morotskaka #morotsbollar #kokos #baka #baking #bakning #helasverigebakar #sweden #sverige #homemade #hemmagjord #instabakning #mums #yummy
The sun was out and the bees were happily at work despite it being around 50°F. . . . Nikon D200 | Nikkor 55-200 mm
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