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Petit dej mais pas de shaker, j’en prends pas un tous les jours ! Du coup on remplace par une galette de riz au chocolat ! Et je continue avec les petites gélules du matin ( levure de bière , fer, sélénium, vigne rouge) la totale 😍👌🏻☕️🍊 Bon appétit et bonne journée 😘 #mumlife #petitdejeuner #matin #pleindevitamines #postpartumbody #fitness #debutdejournee
Casi no me puse caderona y cachetona 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #1year #postpartumbody #tryingtobefit #vampiremom me falta la dieta 😂 para esos kilos muchos que me faltan 🤦🏻‍♀️
Take the 5 day mini habit challenge and just say NO to New Years Resolutions!! 🙌🏼 complete the 5 day challenge (srsly the simplest thing) and get a FREE consult with ME ($67 value) ! 💗 I want to help you set a goal AND make a plan to achieve it in 2018✨ ready to lose the baby weight?? Feel AMAZING in that postpartum bod??? Finally put the maternity pants away?? first you have to START!!! And this is the perfect way to begin your healthy lifestyle journey 🌈 And as always, dm me if you have any questions 😘😘
Well the workout happened and it felt awesome!! So glad I did it and are getting back into the swing of things!! And I’m so excited to start this book tomorrow!! What are you currently reading? I always love good book suggestions! #goodreads #wifelife #momlife #nurselife #fitmommy #fitRN #fitnurse #boymom #girlmom #postpartumbody #momswholift #nurseswholift #nightshiftnurse #mommybody #workoutathome #getfit #stayfit #uninvitedbook
Here I am 4 months after #baby number 3 and feeling great! I have to say I am loving myself more than ever, my #naturalhair and #body . Going into #2018 I encourage all of us to live life whole hearted, focus on speaking positively about yourself as well as others, embrace your flaws, read a new book, try something new and continue to build on your goals and create new ones🌤 #postpartum #postpartumbody #4chair #swirl #momlife #ootd #fashion #lifestyleblogger #vegan. #vegansofig #atx #natural #zen #peace #feminist #feminism #life #instagood #texas #model #ootdfashion #bwwm
Sooo shattered today, so tired, that when I was putting on my shoes this morning I couldn't find my one shoe......I had already put it on my foot!!!!! 😂😂😂But still decided to do a 10 min HIIT workout in my air-conditioned house ( it's 37 degrees Celsius today ) with baby Diana laughing and farting 😂 How are you keeping warm or cool ( depending which country you live) today? How are you supporting yourself through slight sleep deprivation? I would love to know??❤
Workout number 2 with the new squat rack, still easing myself into it. My body isn’t used to heavy lifting- it’s been over a year since I have lifted heavy. I’m starting out with 65lbs and working my way up from here. I’m excited to see how quickly my body will respond to the heavier weights. I did 4 sets of 10 squats with 65lbs, 3 sets of 10 overhead presses with 45lbs, 3 sets of 10 dead lifts with 45lbs. Warmed up with 10 min on the elliptical & in between sets I jumped rope for 45-50 seconds. It was a great workout and kept my body challenged. I will continue to do hiit training and cardio kickboxing however it’s nice that I have the option to switch it up. I purchased my squat rack from a local sporting good store @dunhams_official on sale for $79. Christmas came early for mama 🎄
|| Transformation Tuesday ♡ and can we get a heck yes to high waisted workout gear🙋 . Sooooo I wanted to put a side by side of me this time last year but could not find a single selfie or picture of just me in it🤔 you know why... . Because I had so much self HATE the thought of being photographed terrified me. Today yes I still have some of those insecurities. I still have stretch marks and rolls in places I would rather not have rolls. But I'm striving for progress not perfection.❤ . When your still a work in progress you are given the opportunity to try harder the next day🤛 . The reason I continue to share with you my progress is because I whole healthy stand behind these products! They have completely changed my life is so many fantastic ways I can not even tell you all of them. And for me not to pay it forward or give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself would be completely selfish and totally not kosher. ➕If your not ready for a life changing experience that's cool . ➕If your not ready to completely transform your body inside and out whateves . ➕And if you don't want to have more self love for that ONE body you get on this lifetime then so be it. . But if you are ready... and you are tired of the same frickin routine day in day out then I welcome you with open arms. I'm not going to lie. It won't be easy and it sure the heck won't be pretty some days but baby it is so worth it. So stop wasting your potential and make the change. End 2017🎉 with a bang!! Say goodbye to old habits and welcome the new year a new you. So what do you say you with me?? . . . . . . . . . . #mamabear #momstrong #momofgirls #postpartum #postpartumbody #toddlermom #momoftwo #girlmama #nurse #fitnurse #nursemom #myjourney #messybungettingshitdone #thegoodlife #sweatyhairdontcare #sweqtequity #noexcuses #whynot #hardwork #determined #goals #soworthit #whythefucknot #stopwastingtime #selflove #bodylove #yourbodywillthanktou #fearless #maketime
Transformation Tuesday!!!! I have learned so many things working in health and fitness....but the one that really sticks out to me is “health is a journey not a destination” there are so many things to learn and our bodies are always changing and evolving! Fitness isn’t about the number in the scale it’s about how I feel in my own skin and how strong and healthy I am! I used to think it was about that perfect number...which I might add is one I made up and thought I should be! I am currently 10lbs heavier and 2 pant sizes smaller then I was and the lower weight! Lol! So yay to muscles and looking good in clothes and out of them!🙌🏻❤️ New year New goals so many things to learn! I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals! I have a online health and coaching business so no mater where you are I can help you achieve your goals!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Tired of being tired and feeling gross and bloated? The comment below and let’s chat!!!👇🏻🙋🏼‍♀️ . . #transformationtuesday #faithfullyfitfoundation #hairstylist #momoftwokids #nomagicpill #cleaneatingfoodies #hardworkingwoman #womenwholift #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #eatingdisorder #recovery #plantbased #thankful #girltribe
Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. Every. Single. Day. Even on the hard days where it may seem impossible! Pick yourself up! & try again the next day! 👍 life is too short & precious to be down & negative all the time. It's what you make of it. It starts with you & change! Wake up every day excited & ready to kill it. 🏋 • • • #gym #weightlifting #betterurself #riseabove #instafit #lovethechallenge #itsyouvsyou #stfuat #motivation #instalike #fitmomsofinstagram #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #transformation #transformyourbody #bodybuilding #buildyourbody #hustleforthatmuscle #strongisthenewskinny #instafit #bedtimepondering #dontgiveup #postpartumbody #19monthspost #lovethechallenge #itsyouvsyou #loveyourbody #toddlermom #newmeisnow #Underconstruction #stayhungry #staymotivated #strongisthenewskinny
My bags underneath my eyes, my 4 day old, dirty hair because you wake up soon as I get in the shower.. my skin breaking out because I'm too tired to wash my makeup off at night sometimes, and the extra 20 pounds I'm not used to carrying after birthing you.. you're worth every stretch mark and sleepless night ❤️ #motherhood #rawmotherhood #breastfeeding #ebf #ebfbaby #hehateshiscarrier #idontbabywear #babyboy #boymom #boymomlife #postpartumbody #postpartum #struggleisreal
Final days to order our Panel Pants in time for Christmas! 🎅🌲Each pair is made with ❤️ by moms for moms in Cleveland Ohio. Pregnant, Postpartum or just living the mom life 🙌 same pant, same perfect fit no matter which stage your in ✨
🌟a QUICK CORE WORKOUT!!🔥🌟soooo I was deleting some photos and stuff from my phone👀and found two #momandbaby workout gems🙌🏼💕I KNOW! Just one is posted tonight haha #simmerdown next one coming later😘😘😘I know so many of you still have cute bebes 👶🏼 (or going to have🤰🏼🎉so keep note of this one for later❤️) tag & share with your mama friends💗teamwork makes the dream work🤘🏼
Show your curvy siluete with this amazing faja #buttlift #fajasliporeductoras #fajacolombiana #specialoffeer #xmasoffer #postpartumbody #postparto #colombiangirdle Link in comments 💜👗
Geez where have I been?? Sorry for being MIA! I must be enjoying Advent 💜💜 Trying to be more like Mary and Martha. Luke 10:38-42 I always confused this story as Martha doing the wrong thing but serving others is beautiful. She just shouldn't have been complaining about Mary not helping. Definitely need more prayer in my life which is why I enjoyed loving on Jesus tonight in the chapel. 💗
Had time to catch up with my girl Mile!!! Both busy moms so we stay in touch thanks to lots of texts and phone calls! 📲 And see each other here too. She is extra busy adjusting to life with a new baby AND a toddler 😅 and we live in different corners of the world (for now 😉) She was in the pharmaceutical business but now she is a full time Herbalife coach and stay at home mom💪🏼❤️ . I am so so proud of her commitment to her results🙌🏼💪🏼 ▶️SWIPE for it!▶️ (Yeap, only 4 months 😱🤯) . . . #postpartumbody #postbabybelly #drinktoshrink #momonafitjourney #whynotyouwhynotnow
When the water park is way more interesting then taking selfies with mum 😂 💦💦 I can’t wait till he’s big enough to play in it! (So mummy can play in it too 😍)
feelin it tonight at the gym 💪🏼 Today I did a mix of burnout sets & supersets. I am a superset kind of gal because I like the variety and I feel like I’m doing something different. But today I wanted to try some burnout sets and WHEW I was workin for it.👌🏼 . What is a superset and burnout set 🤔 . A superset is when you do 2 sets of different exercises in a row followed by a rest. You can do 2 exercises for the same muscle group or different ones (so many choices, I know) . A burnout set is when you do 1 exercise to the point of exhaustion (you typically use 75% of the weight you’d normally do this exercise with) . So which one is better ? . They both are amazing strategies, but it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Supersets can increase muscle mass, but are typically more effective for creating definition and shape. Burnout sets produce more muscle growth due to the build up of lactic acid in the muscle when pushed to exhaustion. Lactic acid stimulates both FAT LOSS & muscle growth. Boom. 💥 . Today’s workout my friends:😛 - Pause squats - SUPERSET: - Single leg deadlifts - Hip thrusts - - - Cable deadlifts - SUPERSET2: - Alternating curls - Barbell rows - - - Cable push downs - Tricep dumbbell kick backs - BURNOUT SET: - 100 lateral raises
So today, at the gym, I was warming up before my workout on the treadmill when I went to rebun my hair #longhairproblems . I got one twist of the hair tie in and the thing snaps and flys across the gym... so today’s workout was performed hair down/ in a self tied knot. . . One minor set back like this can literally make a person want to leave the gym (can I get an amen?) especially when it means you have to workout with hair in your face. But not today! . . Worked some heavy back and some abs in between sets, and by abs I mean I tried to work my little tiny post baby abs to actually do something lol. . . One day closer to my goal 👊🏻 . . . #theeverygirl #fitnessjourney #fitmomofig #fitlife #fitpregnancy #healthandfitness #thickandfit #confidence #pregnancymotivation #noexcuses #nevergiveup #selflove #everybodyisbeautiful #progress #curlyhair #postgrad #dogmom #fitfurmom #fitwife #girlswholift #loveyourself #selflove #weightlossjourney #ladyboss #goodvibesonly  #postpartumbody #4thtrimester #momswholift #mommotivation #momstrong
Damn I look good 😍 #postpartumbody #8monthspostpartum
I’m Back! Had to start sooner than Later. Fair warning ⚠️ get ready to see all my workout posts. That’s how I keep myself accountable& of course seeing the results down the road of my fitness journey. #postpartumbody #2monthspostpartum #myfittnessjourney #runningmommy
Consuming JTT is as easy as that! . Click the link on my bio for fast response . . 🌱1 box (15 sachets) - RM 88 🌱2 boxes (30 sachets) - RM 176 🌱3 boxes (45 sachets) - RM 264 . Che Nat Authorised Agent for Jamu Tun Teja 📲012-5569586 📲012-5569586 #jamutuntejagurun #sungaipetani #kedah #jamutuntejaalorsetar #jamutuntejasungaipetani #jttbondateam #sayajualmilkbooster #sayajualmilkbooster #postnatal #postpartum #postpartumbody #setberpantang #jttbondateam #kedah #sungaipetani #kurusdengansihat #kurussecarasihat #healthylifestyle #kevinzahri #jamumoden #energybooster #ubatkurusmalaysia #postnatal #duckscarves #duckscarvestoletgo #zumba #jttbondateam
I am so happy with the results that I am getting with our Fitness camp challenges!! I still struggle with everyday with not caving into my cravings and some days I struggle with getting up and doing the workouts!! But I have an amazing team keeping me on track and in holding myself accountable!! And I know that with this up coming program 80 Day Obsession I will hit my goals and exceed them!! Because I want it so bad that I will stay focused and go get what I want! And if I lose focus somewhere on the way I have this amazing team there to help me refocus..... I am so freaking pumped about this!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in those 80 days and forward!!!! Are you with me? Because we can do this together! Send me a message for the details or comment below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 WE ARE GOING TO KICK 2018’s ASS!!!
You guys Can I just tell you I feel so BLESSED! 👉🏼I have the most supportive, hardworking and loving husband 👉🏼A absolutely beautiful and intelligent little lady who just makes my heart so full everyday 👉🏼Health!! 👉🏼The ability to be my own boss and work for myself! Buying this cricut has been so great for me and has allowed me to make an income while watching my baby grow🙌🏼 👉🏼I am surrounded by the greatest friends! Got a nice burn in today and finishing the night off snuggling with my hubs and diffusing lavender, cedarwood and theives! Ohh and I was 3🔵 under today!!
Me today 💆🏽‍♀️ Been wearing the same bun since i hopped outta bed at 630 this morning. Still wearing my workout clothes, cause the day just flew by. Drove all over, ran errands, returned things, bought things, ran more errands. Now, putting on my #momboss “hat” 🧢 and getting ish done. It’s great to work from home, to have your women schedule, but it also takes hard work, discipline, & dedication. Three things i used to not have when it came to really anything!! So finishing up this well deserved coffee, cranking my music up & handling it all like a true #bossbabe
Another late night family workout made possible by the baby swing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 • Best part? Sophia was asking all afternoon/evening to go workout 😍 I love that at such a young age she enjoys being active and sees working out as something FUN, and not a punishment. • The little ones really ARE always watching, so make sure you’re instilling good habits!!!
A month into #lowcarbhighfat while continuing to do @beachbody workouts at home and I’m feeling great! Bye bye baby weight! #postpartumbody #6monthspostpartum #beachbodyondemand #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #progresspic #keto
A un me faltan 11 dias 😁 juiciosa con la dieta 👌 #postpartumbody #momofboys #night
2 weeks #postpartumbody not sure if I’ll ever be the same. It’s been a painful C-section recovery and an extended stay in hospital after being told my stomach muscles were so tight they couldn’t get baby Taj out! 😬 I have a lot of bruising, cut tummy muscle and poor Taj had to be pulled out by forceps 😬 #mumlife #2weekspostpartum #newborn #nofilter #recovery #fitpregnancy #fitmum #mumofboys #myboysaremyworld #takingiteasy #slowprogressisbetterthannoprogress #bondsmaternity @bondsaus #needatanbadly
❤️ Platter night with my Mama! . Tomorrow we are not drinking 🍷 . 🧐 Famous last words 🤣
OK, OK, I hear you loud and clear – I keep hearing over and over that it’s a tough time of year to commit to a new health and fitness regimen. There were some brave, committed ladies who stepped up to the plate to join my Holiday Survival Guide group (and we still have 3 spots left if you want one), but let’s talk JANUARY! Am I speaking your language if we start talking about committing to your health and fitness goals in JANUARY??? If so, then keep reading!!! There is a BRAND NEW program coming out and I seriously haven’t been this excited for a new program in a long time! I’m in awe at the test group’s results – I mean LOOK AT THEM!!!! It’s called 80 Day Obsession and it’s 80 days (well actually 97 days long if you add in the one rest day/week) of workouts and dialed in nutrition. The nutrition plan is unlike ANYTHING I have ever done…it’s timed nutrition, so it’s teaching us what foods to eat when. You know all that controversy about what to eat before a workout, what to eat after a workout, if carbs are OK to eat before bed? Allllllllllllll of that will be demystified for us so we can learn what foods work best for our bodies at different times of the day to really MAXIMIZE our results! My team is hosting an 80 Day Obsession Launch call Thursday, December 14th that any and all of you are welcome to join – absolutely no strings attached – you can come be a fly on the wall and learn what it’s all about. Oh, and if you do decide to join my beta test group in January, you’ll get access to a LIVE call with Autumn Calabrese, the creator of the program, where she will answer our questions and talk about the program with us LIVE – how freakin cool is that?!?! The link to apply for my 80 Day Obsession Group is in my bio -submit your application and I’ll be in touch with more info on the test group starting in January!
🎄 Fit Bella Women #MumLife Christmas Countdown 🎄 12 sleeps until Xmas - 12 nicely washed and folded items of baby clothes 👗🤓👍🏻 (the amount of items she goes through in an hour sometimes 😝) • • #fbwchristmascountdown #christmascountdown #12sleeps #fitbellawomen #mum #baby #love #selflove #happiness #health #mumlife #postpartumbody #nzmum #personaldevelopment #wellness #pregnancy #womenshealth #fitness #weightloss #confidence #instagood #howtobehappy #nzhealth #nzfitness #fitfam #bodylove #soul ✌🏻️
Goal dress fits... snugly... but hey it’s on! Cheers to 55 pounds gone and counting! #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #postpartumbody #postpartumweightloss #fitness #health #tallergirls #christmasdress
You aren’t going to know what’s going to happen. There’s literally no way! Take a chance to make yourself more than what you were yesterday. I did. I had no FREAKIN idea what I was doing. But I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I surrounded myself with people that were doing the same. I became better, I became more & I so glad I did. Uncertainty is where the new happens. . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnesstransformation #fitnessjourney #beforeandafter #transformationtuesday #fitspo #fitmommy #fitmomtobe #newmommy #newmomlife #newbornbaby #fitpregnancy #fitmomlife #postpartumbody #momblog #mommyblog #lifestyleblogger #selfcare #selflove #cleanandsober #strongwomen #strongereveryday #girlpower #michiganawesome #furmom #dogmomlife #positivevibes #anxietywarrior #teamfitgirlnation #healthylifestyle
The dynamic duo the the 2 day body cleanse and the amazing new black pack wraps when use on a consistent base you will get great results but trust the process and never quit💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 This month I'm looking for 4️⃣ people who want to loose weight and belly fat and get a head start on there New Years🎉 goals and start the 90 day challenge im super excited and happy to help you reach your goals it's your time don't let fear stop you from your success your worth it🙌🏽 #weightloss #belly fat #fatloss #flatbelly #flatstomach #natural #healthy #newyorkcity #results #vsgcommunity #vsgresults #bodysculpting #fatcells #weightlossjourney #momlife #postpartumbody #colonics #newyearsbodygoals
Another easy throw it in the oven meal I can prep in a baby nap window! Tesco recipe - I just trim the skin off the chicken to make it a healthier version! Sticky pomegranate chicken! #tescorecipes #pomegranate #healthy #prepped #postpartumbody #homemade #easycooking
Hundreds of lunges in today's workouts. Literally, hundreds. I'm always so sore after my leg days, but I wouldn't trade it. I love pushing myself and seeing what my body is capable of. #postpartum #pushingmyself #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #noregrets #noexcuses #nevergiveup #nightdispatcher #twinmama #fitfam #fitmama #fittwinmom #fitforlife #legday #bodybeastwomen #bodybeast #momswholift #momlife #momofboys
You’re not just working on you, you’re also teaching your littles to • r e a c h • for their strongest selves as well. 💕 Sleep well mamas and well see you tomorrow morning at Brookside Park, 9:30am! . 📸 @scplusthree
You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. . Sponsored athlete: @teathome 📸: @prettylightphotography .
I was just reminded that it is the two year anniversary of our move to the woods--the first BIG step we took toward our BIG dreams. I spent most of today thinking about that dream and how 2018 will be a year that gets us so much closer to it. Because while I love where we are and the life we have, I still want more. Unapologetically, I want more for us. I want the dream. I want to be where we want, doing what we want, together as a family as much as possible. I want the freedom of having a life by design. . People ask me sometimes if it's hard to be a stay-at-home mom and work a business at the same time. The truth? Absolutely. It's by no means "easy". I spend the day giving all of my energy to my son. After taking care of the house and working out, I don't always FEEL like working. Fortunately, I love what I do. I love the purpose it provides me. I love the community it's given me. But I also am driven by that dream. That dream keeps me going. . With the New Year just around the corner, lots of people are setting some goals for themselves. I love that! But I think it's important that we first revisit that BIG dream and create a path of goals that lead us there. . What is YOUR dream and how will you get there?!
Learned a new #split on #lyra today thanks to @pippa_dufrayer for the inspiration and @eva.lushun for breaking it down and teaching it to me <3 . . . #aerialhoop #aerial #aerialist #postpartumbody #yoga #notyoga #splits #flexible #flexibility #strong #cirque #circus #circuslife #cerceau #stronggirls #aerialistsofig
Left was night before I went into a labor- right was exactly one year later. Absolutely LOVE each picture. So much strength, patience and self care. I started BBG a few weeks post partum and would loosely count macros (but not restrict since I was breastfeeding). I re posted a bunch of my after baby weight loss tips and FAQs on my blog in case yah wanna read- I listed all the things that helped me get back to the gym, my struggles and everything else in between! Link in bio!💗
PROGRESS Unfortunately I am not one of those who rates progress by the weighing scale. Yes I do want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but there are other milestones along the way that I prefer to cherish. Weight loss will be a by product if these milestones. I remember a month ago when I went to my first yoga session and did the forward fold, I could touch more than my fingers to the floor but knee-to-nose seemed like a distant dream. 8 yoga sessions and a few runs later, this is me, merely inches away from the perfect forward fold. This may not seem like a great milestone but being able to do what my body could in 2016 makes me extremely confident that I can get back my lost strength, stamina and flexibility. Amen. #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #postpartum #postpartumfitness #fitness #fitfam #fitmom #instafit #forwardfold #realmom #realtalk #mommydiaries #mommyyogi #mommyblogger #mommylife #indianmommy #momsofig #momstheword #momsofindia #momsofboys
Investing in myself this holiday season! As I plan out my goals for 2018, I’m also continuing to build my medicine cabinet with these two amazing products from @doterra - Frankincense (can you say super oil?!) and some Deep Blue Rub (for all the sore muscles I plan to have from kicking my workouts up a notch 💪🏻 ). Can’t wait for these to arrive in the mail. A little self love during this busy time of year and a gift that will keep on giving ❤️ Link in bio for more info or PM me with questions! @foodfreedombodylove @pam_fountas #doterra #selflovefor30ygk #essentialoils #frankincense #deepblue #deepbluerub #ygk #queensu #health #healthylifestyle #healthylife #natural #naturalliving #strong #fitfam #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumjourney #postpartumweightloss #journeytofitness
Happy #transformationtuesday! 💕✨💎 Hello beauties! I realized I haven't posted a transformation Tuesday in a while, so here goes! 😳 • The pictures on the right are 1 week postpartum January 2016! The pictures on the left are about 2 months ago! How awesome is that! I'M FREAKING PROUD of my transformation. I worked HARD for that! 💙 • About 4 months post baby I was ready to get into action again. I started by going to a gym, but that was about an hour away and just wasn't efficient, so I googled and researched and eventually found some killer workout from home programs! 💪 • Gals! These programs are freaking epic! its not just a video you move to. You join a community of amazing people that motivate and encourage you towards your goals. You also get amazing recipes and a meal plan! How cool is that!? 🙌 • I went from feeling bleh and crumby to excited about getting up to workout and having loads of energy and being able to keep up with my kiddies. WORTH EVERY PENNY! 💵 • If you really desire to change your habits and are willing to WORK for your goals, they are completely attainable! There is no magic pill to get the body you want. Nothing worth having comes cheap and easy. 🌈 • If you are looking for a fun program message me! I can hook you up! Get a head start on your New Years Resolutions today! I can even get you a FREE 2 week trial of the programs, so you can see if they are something you'll love. I would also enjoy being your coach, motivator and help inspire you to push through your obstacles and to crush your goals! • YOU can DO IT! Common let get our sweat and sparkle on together! ✨💕💪😊 #workhardreachgoals #youcandothis #postpartumbody
📽🎞VIDEO OF THE DAY🎞📽 Here are 2 moves from today’s lower fix extreme workout. First with weights and then just your body weight. Squats and lunges. Working your legs means working the biggest muscle group on your body. When you work this muscle group your body continues to torch calories throughout the day! Talk about working smarter not harder.
💝 IT’S A GIRL! 🎀 Repost from @whatmomslove . Well it’s official, the girl-to-boy ratio in our family will be getting significantly skewed to the pink-side come March 😳 💙💖💖💖 . We’re all excited to meet “baby sister” - even my son, who despite the shocked face, is actually pretty dang excited to keep his room and Star Wars Legos all to himself! 😂 #genderreveal . . . . Follow us @Postpartum 👈
Amazon. Saves my ass every time. #clickclickclick #christmasshopping
8.5 months in, 8.5 months out. This body of mine is something else, I tell you what. This body created + delivered a baby. A BABY. Wow. This body has been judged + picked apart so many times, before + after baby...focusing on the things I wish I could change or wish were different altogether. This body deserves grace. It allowed me to keep my daughter safe + healthy while she was in my belly and has allowed me to run thousands of miles + lift tons of weight over the years. I have learned recently to not pick it apart so much for what it doesn't look like/does look like, but instead to love it for all of the capabilities it has provided me to do. I'm not the weight that is reflected on the scale (and I have no idea what it is since the time I first went to the doctor for my broken foot. I don't weigh myself otherwise haha) nor do I care what it is. I don't care that I have less muscle mass/more fat now. Would I like more muscle? You betcha. But it's not my main focus anymore. What I DO care about is how I feel + being healthy, for my daughter as well as me. I want to be able to keep up with her when she decides to finally crawl (she may just go straight to walking, honestly!) and everything that she wants me to do with her from there on out. We get so caught up in aesthetics and the extremes to obtain a certain physique that we lose sight of all the GOOD that our bodies do for us. Give yourself grace and be patient with yourself in whatever journey you're on - fitness wise, personal wise, career wise, etc - give it to God and let it all happen as it will. ❤️
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