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Camiña Balay Nga Bato makes tsokolate the traditional Filipino way. The cacao is grown on the owners’ family farm, made into tablea and heated in special cast iron jugs over a single flame. While boiling the mixture is beaten with a ‘batidor’, a whisk made from guava tree wood. The final cup is an incredibly rich and comforting drink. ☕️🍫 [] #HelloLanaPH #CamiñaBalay #IAMILOILO #DiscoverIloilo #HalaBira #love #happiness #bettertogether
Though the use of tear gas is often controversial, clear procedures exist by which to dispose of it, and there is no evidence linking it to long-term health problems or birth defects. Indeed, if there was, authorities in many countries across the world, including both Cambodia ( and the United States, would not use it. We are confident the Cambodian authorities have the capability and resources to safely and quickly neutralize and destroy tear gas canisters. The Cambodian Mine Action Authority has known about the presence of such canisters in Svay Rieng Province for many years, and received two rounds of detailed training in 2015 and 2016 from U.S. military experts on this specific topic (See government documents about the training here: This training culminated in a field exercise in Mondulkiri province in May 2016 where Cambodian deminers disposed of these tear gas canisters. As part of this training, the U.S. Pacific Command donated to the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces a full set of equipment necessary to do tear gas disposal operations in the field. (See here: We regret ongoing efforts to politicize this humanitarian issue. The United States believes we should all work together to clear explosive remnants of war in Cambodia and throughout the world. We also take seriously our responsibility to address our own legacies, and are always willing to consider sincere requests for assistance. That is why we have spent over $131 million over the past two decades to locate and remediate not only unexploded ordnance of U.S. origin in Cambodia’s east, but also the much deadlier Chinese, Vietnamese, and Soviet mines in the west of the country. This cooperation has saved lives and brought significant ‎development benefits to Cambodia. We hope we can return to it soon. #training #fieldexercise #Mondulkiri #province #Cambodian #deminers #donate #equipment #field #humanitarianissue #UnitedStates #Cambodia #country #cooperation #development #SvayRieng #cmac #demining #statement #government #phnompenh # authority #khmer
If you ever wondered how small provincial towns in central Russia look like - here you go! This is Yelets, where I grew up, it's 5h away from Moscow, and, as you can see - it's not always cold and snowy! We also go around in t-shirts and dying from heat in summer. This town is very old - 870 years. I've realized it's a lot, travelling in South America, where most cities didn't even exist 300 years ago! Of course, it has been burned down many times, being a protection for Moscow in wars, but in the center there are still a lot of old traditional houses from wood and with crafted windows. I lived in a flat though, called Hruschevka, because it was built in the ruling times of Hruschev, and had a particular layout - intenstine-like, as we say )) Usually, those flats were in 5-blocks apartment buildings, and, guess what - my grandma earned it by volunteering, you can say, jaja! Together with other people from her factory she worked few hours a day on construction of this building to get a flat for free! Seems like life in Russia was way much better organized in 60s =) Benches is another attribute of traditional life in province. They are the memorial for gossips and most operative local news media. Mums of small kids and grandmas gather on these benches every day in any weather, eating sunflower seeds, and talking about everything: bad husbands, reckless youth, hard life in present and good life in the past. I guess, that was one of the reasons, I wanted to leave the town so bad - I didn't want to be discussed and looked after. #Backpackerlife #Backpackerstory #Nomads #Travelnow #Travelbook #Travelife #Travelvibes #Travelsolo #Travelstory #Adventurers #Adventuregirls #Girltravel #Wanderlustlife #Wanderlusttribe #Bloger #Peoplechange #russia #province #yelets
Christmas vibes @ home.❤️🎁🎅🏻🌲 i'm gonna miss this and the food. Last day in Bataan. See you after a month(?) lol. #balanga #bataan #province #home #christmas #santa #greens
The province of Krabi is a province in the South of Thailand, a popular place for a beach holiday. The province total area is 4708 square kilometers, which is almost 10 times smaller than Moscow region, and the population of the entire province is only 440 000 people. This is one of the sparsely populated provinces of Thailand. The coast of Krabi are washed by the Andaman sea. #krabi #thailand #sea #sun #aonang #krasnoyarsk #london #population #province #usa #patong #training #sport
Pass by 2.0 #Province #love #life #beauty Sarangans 💛
No adjustment without thinking over than what it proper is. As usual, the very first time to begin something new mostly does awkward, strange, and sometimes it is unique to rejoin many differences with unity. Be what you should be... Feel what you should feel... Do what you should do... Act what you should act... This worldly life is in harmony, peace, and balancing. Relax to behave max! Grateful for belonging to this. #friday #onebyone #sweetmoment #newfriend #city #malang #hotel #sharingsession #governor #province #smile
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