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Photo shoot Feat. Rainbow flag signed by my fav boy Mile lol TW: So, today is the Trans day of Remembrance. A day we remember the souls lost to the twisted views of society WE ALL live in. Yes it is getting better compared to the history of the lgbt community but we still have alot of work to do. Suicide and death rate in the transgender community is at a high point compared to the population rate, they say statistically 30 to 55% of transgender people under 25 have either committed suicide or has attempted in some way to harm themselves. Remember the ones who took/lost their lives to make our lives a more bearable one. The world is only as good as we make it, help make it better and make a difference. Because you never know who's life you may save by just saying the right thing at the right time. #tdor #transdayofrememberance #like4like #follow4follow #lgbt #lgbt+ #ftm #single #Queer #gay #transpride #transgender #remembrance #bekind #loveislove #preach #trans #rememberme #miles #rainbow #pride #prideflag
rainbows should be made portable.. so they can brighten our days anytime.. • 🌈 Rainbow Dreams 🌈 A dreamy collaboration of @tokidokibrand for @sanrio by @jujube_intl . • Trunk Show : 04/12. Online Launch : 05/12. • We will open the registration to our pop-up trunk show soon! Do keep a lookout at our page for more details 😉 • Stay dry and enjoy the cool rainy days 😊 • 📸: @xolivi
Peruvian Pisco celebrates a long history joining the cultures of Europe with those of South America, as well as North America. As the story goes, grape distillation practices used in Spain were brought to the New World along with cuttings for grape vines. Peru began growing and selling wine as early as the 16th century, and is known to have begun making Pisco from freshly made wine as early as the 17th century. Peru maintains strict controls on what can count as Pisco with a focus on developing a pure expression of the grapes used. No water can be added for diluting the alcohol levels. No sugars can be added to increase alcohol levels or alter flavor. No additives of any kind are allowed. After distillation is complete, Pisco must be held at least three months to allow for the flavors and composition of the beverage to settle. However, such aging must occur in a vessel that does not impact the purity of flavor — stainless steel or glass are most commonly used. Wood is not allowed. #themoreyouknow #rainbow #pisco #peru #advanced #intraining #sommlife #getsomm #grapes #brandy #study
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