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This is just one type of product I’m moving 🤨 started a year ago $500 in stock and now moving double that daily. I keep buying more and increasing my inventory this is to grow Jamie’s gifts into a bigger business day by day. It’s not easy as many assume spending hours figuring out which products to buy, how to list what photo to use, all these factors take time have to say I have got a lot better at it. I will post more about my business in the coming weeks and some merchandise that I will be getting selling and even what I can sell wholesale. Now let’s buy on Black Friday I’m waiting for cyber Monday for my personal deals 🤫 #ebay #ebayseller #ebayreseller #disney #amazon #resellerproblems #jamiesgifts
Today is officially the last school day that we will be sitting like this... Remember the first time we sat like this? It was last year. Last year I was blessed with you two. Trust me without you guys I would be a creepy loner in the class. Thank you for saving me. And the bench the dairy the curtain the tiffin, everything are gonna miss us more than we will maybe. This is the first picture of us three and I'm happy that we got one... I'm gonna really miss you guys... • • • #love #youguys #memories #sad #candid #lastday #class10 #likers #recent #follower
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I can’t wait to play with my new toys ✨
4-0-3 🇨🇦
He said “happy 5th monthsary babe” - I thought this was my Christmas gift!! 🙈 But as always, @jasonnyang back at it with the casual surprises 😻
Aumenté de 20 a 25 g de proteínas a la dieta y me volvió la masa muscular!
Dímelo Juanse'. 😂👻👦
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