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Transformation Tuesday: First Picture- One month anniversary; October 13, 2014. Second Picture- One year anniversary; September 13, 2015 😍 #boyfriend #girlfriend #bestfriends #soulmates #lovers
Happy Anniversary my husband @kenhsimmons I am grateful of your love and support. I love youπŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’— #anniversary #soulmates #love
I wish time could just stop when i'm in your arms because it's the best feeling ever! πŸ€— #soulmates
When certain people come into our lives, they will make us realize that everything we used to believe about ourselves was wrong.. That we are valuable and worth caring about, that we are wanted and that we are unique. These people are our kindred spirits. They reciprocate the kind of love and passion we have for life. They feel deeply like we do and they experience a rich inner world that we resonate with as well. These people are rare gems keep them. Fight for them. Don’t give up on them. They also hurt as fiercely as we do. They are just as terrified of failure as we are. Their sadness reaches deep in their bones like ours does..Their emptiness is as overwhelming as ours is. They push us away just as much as we push everyone else away. They are as afraid of being abandoned as we are. They want to be loved and accepted as much as we do. They value our presence as much as we value theirs. They are as grateful for us as we are for them. They want us around as much as we want to stay. They miss us as much as we need to see them. They dislike being apart as much as we hate leaving. They enjoy our quirks as much as we love their oddities. They love to make us laugh as much as we live to see them smile. They would do anything for us as much as we would sacrifice everything for them. They are our soulmates and best friends. They are the ones with whom deep and unbreakable connections form.They know our soul, and we know theirs. Their thoughts and feelings reach us before they speak them. They respond to ours before we open our mouths. They are the ones we fight with, the ones we can hate and the ones we break away from. But in those dark nights of separation, we still feel it that connection, that bond. -It remains. Its there like a subtle vibration. We can feel their love like a quiet whisper in the back of our minds. We know they miss us, and they feel the pain of being apart as much as we do.We know they are as sorry to have hurt us, as we are as pained to have hurt them.They want to reach out to us as much as we need to speak to them. We can feel they regret their anger as much as we regret our pride. ~in to deep #soulconnection #soulmates #kindredspirits πŸŒšπŸŒŸπŸ’
Per scelta ci siamo prese per mano 8 anni fa, cosΓ¬ uguali, cosΓ¬ diverse. Sei stata e sei la mia compagna di banco, la mia compagna di avventure, la mia compagna di vita, nelle gioie e nei dolori ma sempre Insieme. Non potevo mancare in questo giorno cosΓ¬ importante per te. Congratulazioni Mia Dottoressa ❀ β€’17-11-17β€’ #Giulettere #Graduation #Friendship #BestFriend #Classmates #Soulmates #Lifemates #LoveYou
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