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Meal prep, lifting session, packing, and puppy cuddles make for a damn good Sunday. What did you guys do today?
Sunday gym selfie 🤳 I had ZERO motivation to go to the gym tonight. I felt like I was on the go all weekend and I just wanted to sit. Thank goodness for David convincing me to go. I feel so much better and I got in a killer workout! 💪🏼💦
Brunch & Biceps with @alexbrandyfitness this Sunday! Spots are limited. Call 508-223-1440 to sign up! @sagenutritionllc will be there with free samples before your workout! After your workout you will enjoy a nice brunch'provided by @juiceonmain and tasty smoothies at the @fitness1440norton juice bar!
Damnit, Dom! . You know you’re not supposed to mess with the collectible trees! . How rude. 😖 ❤️💚🎅🏿🤶🏽🎁🎄⛄️❄️ #elfontheshelf
As a kid I would spend 20 hours a week in a dance studio, then spend the weekend traveling to competitions. 💃. . Now I spend 3 weekends a year traveling to Spartan Races 💪. . This weekend was a literal beast! 31 obstacles in just 13.2 miles.. 😮. . I still can’t believe I ran a full 7 miles before my first sign of cramping and such.. . 4 hours... 4 hours and I completed the race faster than expected- but the goal was only to finish, and finish I did! .. . Now to recoup, regroup, and retrain. . . . #behappy #burpees #blog #fabletics #scuba #germanshepherd #travelista #travel #tampa #iamspartan #spartanrace #spartanbeast #spartanintraining #run #halfmarathon #beachbodycoach #beachbody #21dfx #blonde #dogmomlife🐾 #dogmom #strongissexy #fitish #fitfam #fitspo
So I’ve always been a conventionalist who likes to lose weight the proper way by eating and exercising right WITHOUT the added supplements! But I am proud to say not only is my body toning, I have gone from 74.5kg DOWN to 69.2kg within the last two months. But within the last month alone I have gone from 72 down and it’s all because I purchased @yellowstonenutra products. I have fat burners, pre workout, protein powder and multivitamins and they have helped me SOOO much. If you’re a dedicated gymmer and have lacked in results, plz plz PLZ purchase one of their products and see how it transforms your body. Discount code ADARCY10 ❤️ * * * * * * * * #strongnotskinny #toning #girlswholift #workoutgains #gymgirl #weights #gainz #fitnessgirl #strongissexy #brandambassador #strength #girlsthatlift #fitness #healthychoices #supplements #yellowstonenutra #like4like #fitspiration #fitgirl #progressnotperfection #fitnessmotivation #girlswithmuscle #models #eatingclean #weightloss
Sunday, shopping, squats, selfie, sushi, The Santa Clause, snuggles, and snow. Today was brought to me by the letter S.
10 min Core Crusher. - I’ve chosen 3 exercises that target h😊you upper , lower and side obliques . If you do this set of exercises everyday for a week I promise you will see an improvement. Give it a try or tag a friend. - ▶️Do each exercise for 1 min , followed by 30 seconds rest. ▶️Repeat 3 times - 1️⃣The reverse crunch : this is NOT a swing, momentum is not moving your legs and hips. It’s a small motion ....pull your knees towards your chest. You should feel this in your lower ab area....if you don’t your doing it wrong ! Believe me after 1 min it burns. 2️⃣ Pulse crunches: keep your abs engaged. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine , don’t let your belly pouch up. 3️⃣ Threading the needle : if you find his too much for a challenge start with a side plank and hold for 30 seconds each side . #core #coreworkout #abs #sixpack #exercise #motivation
•When babe asks if you’re hungry• 🤤 _________________________________ . . . . . . . . @dopeports @portraits_la @hotshot_clickers @hotshot_portraits #LAstory #exercisetips #exerciseguide #workoutvideo #workoutvideos #tipoftheday #strongbody #staymotivated
Today was a biceps, triceps kind of day. Check out my 👶 (baby) 🔫🔫(guns) 😂 🔹20 min stairmaster 🔹4sets 40sec battle ropes with leg raises 🔹dumbbell and cable machine exercises 4 sets each of 12 to 15 reps 🔹core exercises during in between exercises #girlswholift #biceps #triceps #gymrat # #workoutmotivation #workout #strength #strongissexy #motivation #dedication #tryingtogetgains #thisisjustthebeginning #firfam #fitig #fitfreak #neverquitting
Hashtag twinning. *pew pew* Worked out then drank beer and ate wings so balance? Operation “Get It Together By Monday” has been foiled yet again. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️
I had such a great workout today! 😄I love it when you get those days where the motivation and energy are both there and you just crush your goals for that day. That was today despite the pre-finals stress. I did squats, hip thrusts, sled pushes and pulls, battle ropes (not in video), box jumps (not in video), single leg deads, and then messed around in the mat room working on some wrestling stuff. Here I'm trying to do a stance walk with a band to up the resistance. My glutes were dying afterwards! 😭
People hate it when you know your worth. You draw the line, you set the precedence, and you stand your ground. “You’re too demanding, you’re too selective, you’re too judgmental, you’re too unrealistic.” No, I’m none of those things. I just love myself. I love myself enough to know what I need, what will improve me, what will grow me, and what I deserve. I’m finally loving myself, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 💕✨
After we “broke up” I thought I would be free of him but that was never his intention, when I told him I didn’t want to talk to him anymore and asked him to leave me alone he refused, he said he still wanted to be involved in our (my) dogs life, and that I needed to keep him updated on everything, who he played with on his walks, what he ate, how he slept etc. I told him I wouldn’t stop him seeing him whilst we were living there (obviously he lived in the same house) but there was no reason for me to keep him updated/chat to him. He then told me I was crazy, stalking him, monitoring him, tracking him, abusing my power. I called him out on his lies and fought back, this came with the price that he would continue to fabricate elaborate scenarios and ways to tell me I was crazy, he accused me of bugging his phone so that I could monitor him, told me that he was afraid I would drain his bank accounts etc. etc. I never had access to any of this, I read his messages only when He was there and I would open his phone or see hem on the preview screen. He always left Facebook and emails signed on so would see them when I logged into the computer at home or at work. He told me he was scared of me and what I could do to him, in other words he knew I wasn’t stupid and had evidence of all the things he did/covert abuse. He told me he would get lawyers to arrange custody of Hector, he mimicked what our friend was going through during his divorce and accused me of blackmailing him like our friends ex-wife did, told me this friend said I was crazy like his ex wife and would never change. I tried to get him to see his ridiculousness and explained Hector is a dog, this is not custody battle with a child. All I ever asked was that he leave me alone and give me freedom if he was done with me... but he didn’t, because he wasn’t. Only now with No Contact am I able to breathe and be free. . . . #free #freedom #escape
Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane 😝. . Day 6 of #UpsideDownIsComingToTown brought to you by our lovely sponsors and hosts: @kinoyoga @upsidedownmama @umstuff @omstarsofficial
UPPER BODY💪🏾🌟 Hope you beautiful people are having a great Sunday! I am! I’m getting to spend it with @serjbermudez 😘 and we’re spending it relaxing while he watches football 🏈 😂 here’s two awesome exercises to add to your routine! ▪️Close grip barebell row - 4x10 ▪️Kneeling Over head shoulder press - 3x6 each side I like to do them kneeling because I feel it so much more in my shoulder than my trap. Keep your core tight! ———— 🎵 Luv (remix) - Tory Lanez
Made a surprise trip home to upstate NY to see my little sister perform in the Nutcracker!! It was a wonderful weekend, and I made sure to fit in a nice run around my hometown -- although I nearly lost my fingers to frost bite during it 😬😬😭😭. There will always be excuses, make sure your will power is stronger than all of those excuses 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Winter is cold and motivation is low, but just grab some new cold weather exercise gear (new clothes are always a good motivator 😉) and kick your butt into gear 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 • • Also I forced my sister to be my Instagram husband (what's the term for an Instagram sister??) and she was not excited about doing it in the freezing cold, which resulted in a lot of these mid-laugh pics 😂😂😂 • • • If you need some recommendations for winter workout clothes, this @mpgsport set is perfect for the cold weather!! #lifeinmotion #mpgsport
Peace out Punta Cana! ✌🏼 You were PERFECT and exactly what I needed! Congrats @chelseamcc_ and @dillonmcclory on your beautiful wedding and the beginning of a life together! It was an honor to photograph you! And thank you @r_greenfield for bringing me as your plus one and being my dance partner and IG boyfriend 😂. Back to LA for two nights then off to NYC. Happy Sunday Bumday! #PuntaCana #SecretsCapCana #Vacay #Sunday
Put 170lbs in the Donation Plate at Church today. Pressed: 170. Former Weight: 310. Current Weight: 152. Goal: Former Weight. #GirlGains #GluteGains #4x4 #StrongIsSexy #TeamTDFCC #QuadSquad #4Low #SquatItOut #MyBodyIsMyTemple #TheGymIsMyChurch
If you could sit and talk to anyone in the world dead or alive for just 1 hour who would that be? I’d defiantly want to spend an hour with my grandad, he passed away when I was a baby so I’ve never got to know him... Or if we’re going with someone who is still with us then I’d love an hour talking with Anthony Kiedis, I feel thing guy would have so many interesting stories and let’s be honest I am a massive Chili peppers fan!
How awesome is this?? @mck0112 went to a WODnGlow sporting her Appreciate Thick Thighs tank and she looks amazing! We think this needs to become a thing... 🤔🤔🤔 always ships for FREE! #sundayfunday #appreciatethickthighs #livesore #thicknessisoursickness
I know I've crushed it when I need to use my arms to get off the leg press! Pushing around 5 baby elephants by 10 reps. Comment back when you figure out the weight I was moving 😂 @secondskingear #crushedit
Not every woman’s goal is to be as small as possible 💪🏼👊🏼👌🏼 #goals #stillfuckingbeautiful #strongissexy #wontfindskinnyhere #sorryfellas #justkiddingimnotsorry
Live Without Limits......You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. I can't do much with my left leg but my right one is working. Today was right leg day and abs. I'm thankful I don't let my mind build walls that my body can't climb over. ~ #aclrecovery #acljourney #aclroadtorecovery #aclreconstruction #setbackcomeback #toodeterminedtoquit #downnotout #positivevibes #positivethoughtspositiveresults #strongissexy #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #fitover40 #abs #musclesaresexy #gymgirl #flex #sundayvibes #misfits #strongasoak #strongereveryday #ketostrong #ketogenicathlete #nativeketo #crutchinittocrushinit
“DARE TO DREAM” they say …… How about we “Plan, Implement, Believe and Achieve…” 2018 is around the corner and it is time to focus on being the best version of ourselves!! Have you been wanting to make a change in your life? You’ve found yourself saying phrases such as “next month, I’m going to start eating better and working out” yet haven’t felt that push to follow through? I am here to tell you I understand that struggle, that everyone has it. It’s about the choices you decide to make that lead you down a path that will help change that negative mindset! I can help you with that transition! I will be launching my online training program come 2018! Let’s shake off those negative thoughts and lets lift you into positive results, externally and internally! (Photo by @healthyvisionphoto) #wbffpro #fitnessdiva
Great post from @chris_elkins dropping some knowledge on Ab development. The abdominals are a muscle just like the biceps so you should build them in the same fashion. Add weighted ab exercises to your weekly regimen to help develop your six pack! #Repost ( @get_repost) ・・・ My friend @smurray_32 made this infographic about abs and I asked him to remix it with my pics since I’ve made significant abdominal development over the years. . . When I was 17, left pic, I was 118 lbs and lean enough to see my abs but I wasn’t lifting weights or consistent for long enough to have significant abdominal development. The abs were visible but they were much smaller than they are now. . . In the pic on the right, I’ve been lifting weights consistently for 4 years and training abs with heavy weight. I’m around 140 lbs yet leaner than the pic on the left. My abs have grown over the years due to weighted decline crunches, leg lifts/leg raises and training them while in a calorie surplus. I didn’t get that ab development from doing cardio or dieting. Dieting for a show helped reveal the gains made but it certainly wasn’t the cause of the gains. . . You’ll often hear people say that abs are made in the kitchen. Well, that’s bulls%!+. Biceps are not made in the kitchen. Quads are not made in the kitchen. Abs are built in the gym or bedroom or wherever the heck you train them. The definition and ability to see them is created through fat loss from a calorie deficit. Losing fat and building muscle aren’t the same thing. If you want to see striations on your quads you diet and lose fat over time by being in a calorie deficit but if you want to grow them then you train them with heavy weight and proper time under tension, frequency and form. It’s the same idea with your abs and the belly fat covering them. But the diet didn’t have anything to do with the development of your abdominal muscles.
Did myself up so I could look better than I feel. It didn't work. Day 5 of no gym, hoping I wake up feeling good enough to hit the gym tomorrow, otherwise I'm going to lose my shit. #fitmom, #fitmama, #girlswithmuscles, #girlsthatlift, #girlswholift, #latina, #grinding, #gainz, #goalcrusher, #slowlybutsteady, #slowprogressisprogress, #trainhard, #fitgirl, #nostoppingme, #strongissexy, #strongwoman, #stronger, #inspo, #lifechanging, #weightlifting, #selfie, #redlips, #makeup, #lotsoffilters, #nogymtoday, #exhausted
morning workouts by the tree. 🎄💪🏼 bbg week 5, abs & cardio. ✔️
Last day... oh man not even a day.. HOURS to #VOTE for the next @prosupps Model🙌🏼 VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL 11:59PM TODAY (Dec.10). Top 10 will be announced Dec.13th! 🛎PLEASE go to the link in my profile, 1. Click the link and scroll down till you see sign in to you google account, 2. Sign in, and put your name there, 3. Vote for Marta Woodkowski 😘❤️ THANK YOU EVERYONE who already voted and reposted to share this with your friends and family 🙃 I got the best friends in the whole universe!!! #prosupps 💝 #psmodelsearch #psmodelsearch2018 #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #fitnessaddict #fitnessgirl #fitfam #fitgirl #fitforlife #fit4life #npcbikini #npcbikiniathlete #npcbikiniathlete #bikinigirl #bikinilife #bikinibabe #fitness #bodybuilding #vote #bikinimodel #bikinibody #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #strongwomen #sexy #strongissexy
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