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Motivation Monday, Keep going Kepp doing your Best soon the reward will be worth it! ☘ #focus #dedication #persistence #happymonday #motivationmonday #plan #prosper #quote #instadaily #goodmorning #morning #resilience #success #positivevibes #icanandiwill
Passion through the eyes of our inner child As a child everything seems so simple. We explore activities with no inhibitions, no expectations. We see possibilities through untainted glasses. We create, discover, explore. We try, we make mistakes, we learn, then try again. We discover activities which capture our imagination. We get completely lost in the moment and nothing else matters. We fall into a trance, where time seems of no significance. In these moments we feel free, invincible, full of life's possibilities. We find others that share our interests and imaginations. They become our closest friends and fellow students of our shared passions. There are others that become our teachers, our mentors. They see our possibilities, they nurture our potential. They challenge and push our boundaries of what's possible. Then one day we grow up, and our inner child becomes a distant memory. The opinions and expectations of others get in the way. We fear failure, so we don't even try. We become an inhibited version of ourselves and scrape the surface of our potential. We never discover our real destiny. We never find our true success. If we look deep enough however, we'll find that our inner child is still there. Waiting to be unleashed. We can rediscover those moments where; we see no boundaries, we're not afraid to fail, we feel invincible, we don't over think it, we just do us. We can again become creators and explorers of what's possible. We can again be our inner child. Check out the LINK in my BIO to access the full blog and more content on Passion, Leadership and Success. #passion #innerchild #success
World War Polo Entertainment Group Business As Usual
Even on holiday, I don't completely switch off from work.
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The perfect companion for all your happiness thoughts, ideas and projects. The pursuit of happiness is simply following your love for things that make your heart smile. This notebook is a constant reminder for me that no matter how crazy it gets I need to always prioritize self care and personally happiness. Find this notebook online at - link in bio 💕
“Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably” - Michael Gerber Being a mom isn’t the end to living a FULL LIFE OF FULFILLMENT. You can’t handle it all without a system! What systems have you put in place to help you to achieve your ideal life this week? A system is about how your daily routine can help you to get closer to the life of your dreams. What effective systems do you have in place that helps you to #slay this mom life? Share and let another mom learn from you 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Go on and flourish this week 👣💃🏿 Tag a mom who inspires you. Here we go: @deboladejikurunmi @sola_adesakin @temitope_olagbegi @dupeakinsiun @morin.osunmakinde @sunmboadeoye @itunuiyun @huffpostwomen @o_kemisamuel @alo_ohio_omo @moropsy #monday #system #structure #strategy #workingmom #stayathomemom #staywoke #staystrong #stayfocused #momlife #momboss #slayer #success #empower #woman #girls #businesswoman #momsofinstagram #mother #motherhoodrising #bossbabe #bosslady
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