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Powerful Picture! It is time for all the prodigal Sons and Daughters to return Home. Let this be your prayer this month and going forward. He is waiting with open arms! . . . . . #ova #onevisionarmy #christian #christianbrand #christianbusiness #christianhiphop #truthteller #christianclothes #christianmusic #worship #church #Jesus #bible #christianclothing #sunday #kingdommusic #believer #believe #bethel #Godfirst #jesuscalling #greatcommission #christian #streetwear #streetswag #grateful #clothes #brand
After over 30 years in corporate America, I am still saddened by how women, all people, but women, sabotage each other's careers. As women, we know the societal sting of sexism yet we sting each other. As WOC, we know the spiritual and emotional violence of racism yet we violate each other. We know the pain, tyranny, and abuse caused by inequality, pejorative stereotypes and systemic oppression yet we inflict pain on each other. We KNOW! -—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�- So, why do we play into a system that is already stacked against us? Why do we hate ourselves and each other so much that we will malign each other's characters, steal each other's intellectual property, ruin each other's reputations and align ourselves with forces that are strategically and systemically dismantling every advance made for women and by women? Why? —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�— How does hurting your sister help you? How does being used as a pawn by a corrupt system support and serve you? How does discrediting another woman develop you? —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�- As an executive coach, I am saddened by the stories of women hurting other women. If you are jealous of someone's advancement, instead of hurting them, why not ask or if you have to, PAY them to mentor you. —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�— None of us know the REAL price that another woman has paid for her success. And to assume that you have the genius, guts and the grace to do what another woman has done just because you want her position, irrespective of your ability to actually perform the job, undermines her and undermines you. —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—� Our daughters, sons, grandchildren, aunts, cousins, and friends are counting on us to continue to break down barriers and smash glass ceilings so that feminine power can be celebrated and demonstrated. The next generation is counting on us, WOMAN! —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—� So before you sink to unimaginable lows to sabotage and discredit another woman, remember that the pain you inflict today will affect generations to come. #truthteller #thejamisongroup #sharronjamison #author #speaker #power #women
"The individual makes sound, but the collective makes music." - Aquanza Cadogan Positivity. 📸: @davinasphotos #pechakuchaorlando #aquanzacadogan #v.21 #Route7Orlando #thegriot #truthteller
“Surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday. Sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs. Life isn’t meant to be done alone. Find your tribe, and journey freely and loyalty together.” Alex Elle . . #yourtribematters #levelup #community #bossup
Sometimes the journey of a warrior is in the simplest acts. Like walking away from what doesn't serve me, knowing that there are infinite possibilities available of which I can't even fathom. I have to trust the process and believe in the magic. It begins with choosing me. Today. I've said yes to that invitation that the universe has extended for a long, long time. I'm ready. I'm here. I'm listening. ~ Tivania Moodley ~ #WarriorWoman #PhoenixRising #TruthTeller #LettingGo
✨TRUTH🌟POWER🌟TRUST✨ 3-part free video series is coming up tomorrow Dec 12 via Instagram live (10 am Berlin time), and will continue on Wednesday and Thursday same time this week💫 : It will be all about the following hot subjects... ⚡️unplugging from the matrix, and releasing the grip of collective illusions that bind you to suffering, scarcity, and self-doubt - because why would you wanna be complicit with such nonsense? well...turns out there is a reason why many of us are in fact complicit...time to break the spell, and be free! ⚡️calling your power back, and understanding the subtle ways in which you have been giving it away - it's very, very important that we stop keeping ourselves (and each other) small! ⚡️daring to trust yourself, and being unconditionally worthy - it's easier but also weirder than you think! : This 3-part thingy is a spontaneous gift from me to my community, something to close the year off, and give you all some encouragement and support🖤 : See you in the space!
Hey boo-boos 💋, Happy Monday! It's the beginning of the week and I wanted to send out this reminder about how success, in anything, takes work on our part. ___ Careers take work. Studies take work. Going to the gym takes work. Even relationships take work. ___ My encouragment is the next time you and I want to take a shortcut and go for comfort... take the stairs instead. You'll learn an awful lot about what you're made of and how you move. Plus you never know who you'll meet along the way! 💌 Stella xo
If you don't learn how to deal with your grief, it's like taking a deep breath & holding it in for the rest of your life. I ran an errand, making my way to the avocados, eyeing a huge display of mixed nuts. I walked over to them, & when the shock wore off, I hid crying in the produce. When we were kids my Mamaw Cassie would fill an old sock stocking w/simple things: apple, orange, candy pieces, & scoops of the SAME nut mixture above. I never knew then, what that would mean to me now, as a 43yo woman. 15yrs ago today I was on a lunch break buying Mamaw's Cassie's Cmas gift. I returned to work & that she'd unexpectedly passed. We threw ourselves together rushing back to AL. Upon returning home grief set in, & Cmas would forever stamp another as missing from the celebration- the ache was suffocating. For a long time I couldn't tell grief & guilt apart. Whether my Mamaw's Cassie or Grace, I held my breath for them both, many yrs. Today I hold the same ache, but exhaled. Never let anyone say time heals the wounds of loss. I believe God allows us to experience all the emotions of memories so we hold space in the present, more tenderly, humbly, appreciating the simple, & loving until our tanks run empty. We are created to know pain, but not stay in it. Pain creates empathy for/with others. Love came down for us so we'd pour out what He left- what we were created for. I pray in preparing Him room you remember in the pain, how blessed you've been to have experienced such a great love from another for whatever time frame. The ability to grieve them deeply reminds us, our true ache is for a home our soul pursues. I'd like to think my Mamaw's have seen these yrs of mine, but heaven doesn't work that way, & people don't turn into angels. I'm promised a celebration again, better than any we had growing up. I'll tell how God answered their prayers for me/our legacies, in a time that outran them. And I wonder when meeting in glory if it'll be 3 elderly women reuniting, yet they see me still w/the face of a girl? If one I've loved will pay a tribute to me as I do now? . Praying I pass the embrace of emotion, power of exhaling in hope, & freedom in loving well!
Martyr Monday: A martyr helps and fixes from their shadow. Often unaware of the hooks they have in others: wanting a thank you, to save someone, hoping they’ll change, recognition, or love in return. . Most martyrs are really wanting to be of service coming from their light. Doing it intentionally out of generosity and humility without expectations of anything in return. That is the power Tony Robbins is talking about. Healthy detachment can get you there.
I really believe in this. I practice being transparent to myself and to others. I spent a long time hiding and being utterly terrified people would find me out, find out I was selfish, that I had needs, that I was afraid, that I really really needed love, that I had darkness, that I had painful wounds. I finally had to let myself feel it and reveal it. If I can't feel it I can't heal it . And when I reveal my truths no matter how unflattering, it heals a piece of me that has a tendency to want to hide and pretend. I'm not fucking perfect! I have issues, pains, fears, doubts , insecurities, wounds, and all the other shit that makes up being a human being. It's so utterly ridiculous to me the time and energy we waste hiding behind masks that claim " I've got it all together and I've got this whole life thing figured out". Yes I'm fucking amazing and I'm also fucked up. Beautiful beautiful messy messy me. #beautifulmess #realshit #vulnerability #revealittohealit #lovingwhatis #selflovejourney #selflove #mytruth #healingwounds #shadow #imahumanbeing #selfhelp #woundedhealer #transparent #keepingitreal #maskoff #truthteller #openingup
Agency life lesson: It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done. --- Vincent van Gogh ✌️️💙 . . . #mondaymotivation #snakes #agencylifelessons #agencylife #director #founder #truthteller #liveauthentic #love #exploretocreate #adventuretime #toddlerfashion #play #business #success #agiledevelopment #qotd #goodvibes #create #brand #brandbuilding #proudmama #ownit #growth #growthmindset #creativepreneur #startuplife #designlife #riseandgrind #vincentvangogh
There’s something coming for all of us. It’s called death. Rather than fearing it, it can become one of our greatest counselors. So, if this was the last week of your life, what would you cherish most? How would you live? What truth would you tell today? . . #DateWithDestiny #tonyrobbins #qotd #blessings #thankful #inlovewithyou #yesyou🙃 #flowerstagram #happiness #truthteller #realitycheck #beautifullife #oakville
Just because you're called to do it, doesn't mean everything will be perfect. Discover and pursue your calling anyway. #careeradvice #careercoach #mindset #realitycheck #truthteller
Catching the breeze and a golf lesson at Ocean Club, Paradise Island. I wish I could drive a golf cart all day, every day. Better yet, I wish I played well. I hit more grass than I did golf balls. But,it sure was fun! #truthteller #paradiseisland #oceanclub #golf #golfcart #islandgirl #gatedcommunity
Full permission, from one socially anxious babe to another. 🙌 I went to a birthday party today and ate some bomb vegan gluten free pizza and met some truly awesome people with funny stories and awesome jobs and killer socks and celebrated the badass life of one of my favorite humans, and felt like leaving after an hour and a half. So I did. Even though the party was full of love and truly good vibes. Even though I didn't have anywhere else to be. Even though cool new people were still showing up. Even though there were cute dogs and cats. Even though the guest of honor means a hell of a lot to me. I wanted to be home, because my knee was really hurting and I was tired and I wasn't feeling particularly social, so I said thank you and awesome to meet you and goodbye. And, limping down the front steps, I felt really proud of myself. I didn't beat myself up about being weird or rude or different or any of that typical talk. I just threw on a podcast, drove home, took a hot shower, and chilled out. Maybe this is what's new in my 30s. I like it. (Also happy birthday @molly.woodstock, you throw good parties and are a great friend.)
Clarity & Growth for the women and healer...listen in!
“Mama, why do you have a new purse and a new bracelet and a new phone?” “Baba, why do you always watch football?” 😳😬🤭 #truthteller #hidetheevidence
@nikirae55 Always out supporting the artists of Chicago...great to see you, today! ♡
Staying true to yourself is probably the most challenging goal you can set. It is easy to mistake talking about your feelings, grievances or having opinions (on your Self and others) as being truthful but sadly its not. Being the Truth is owning whats yours and giving back whats not. Making decisions that have integrity, that is they reflect your core values and what you want to create in the world. Do you want to create more fairytales, untrue stories that we all seem to buy into about success or do you want start telling the true story, the one about expansion, breakdown, owning and letting go. So as 2018 approaches, give yourself permission to just be you in this moment exactly as you are - no bullshit, no pretence, no trying too hard, no succeeding just being. #dailypower #spiritualdirection #tarotwisdom #wisecounsel #lifeguru #soul #soulpurpose #mariannewilliamson #deepakchopra #inspiredwisdom #lifecoach #lifeguidance #shadowwork #liberator #femininepower #empowermentcoach #empowerment #truthteller #speakyourtruth #liveyourtruth #loveyourself #selflove #soulleadership #authenticself #symboliclanguage #mindfulness #soulyoga #archetypes #womenpower #breakyourshell
I’m back!!!!! No more traveling, no more cheating, no more feeling guilty....let the unfollowing begin 🙂 #organicnazi #truthteller #truthhurts #marchagainstmonsanto #organic #pastureraised #youarewhatyoueat #gmo #meat #factoryfarming #votewithyourlifestyle #votewithyourfork #votewithyourdollar
More than a woman. I have the blood of a #Phoenix running through my veins. My eyes tell a story so words are only beginning to catch up. Don't think you can define or contain me. I'm not of this superficial world. I'm only beginning to see my power. 📸 @ecks_kaye #Writer #TruthTeller #GameChanger #PhoenixRising
The cookie gingerbread man. Mama can we say hi. Oh and the snowman. Let’s stop. And we did. (Swipe to see how it played out) 👍There was a hug with the gingerbread man and off we went. Then later we watched them some more. ❤️ I totally love the boys in the back watching and photobombing. Sweetness. ⭐️🌙⭐️ . . . #odinjonah #lifecoach #truthteller #consciousbusiness #gemini #december #2017 #lifecoaching #workfromhome #inspiration #mompreneur #healing #mindset #truth #manifesting #spiritual #yogi #meditate #truenorth #soulgoals #spiritual #practice #selflove #permission #truenorth #nextchapter #magicalmoments #consciousparenting #wearechannukah #appreciatechristmas
There you have the truth but like everything else,go on and forget about it.keep your illusions going. #truthteller
Soul lesson : Truth seeker Only once you know what your truth is, you can then do something to change it, if it is not contributing to your joy of being. But without it no joyofbeing is possible in any authentic lasting way. We are each responsible for finding out our own truth, and for letting go of other people's truths about how things are. Katie Kach Author, soul guide and coach #videolesson #teaching #belief #truth #truthteller #inspirationalspeaker #advice #voicerecording #lifecoach #selfcare #awareness #selfrealization #consciousness #soulmission #innerknowing #meditation #selfreflection #emptymind #consciousness #poetry #poet #thinker #poem #soulmessage #truth #truthseeker #kachkatie
TRUTH IS TRUE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT Become aware of the fact that conditioning doesnt equal truth. Be brave enough to want to know the real Truth, no matter whether you like it or not. Because what is the point of remaining in illusions of the conditioned mind and ego? There are many different religions on earth. They each think that their god is the only god or the right god. Isnt that suspicious at best? They cannot all be right. Truth is that none of them are right. Truth is very different from all the institutionalized religions, the purpose of all is just the same as the purpose for artificially creating wars on earth. Divide and conquer. Who is laughing on our behalf? Some conscious beings already know the answer to this question. And i pray to Truth that these forces will not be laughing at pure souls for much longer, because peoples of the world are waking up. To the real Truth. P.s. typo: moment you are born #truth #god #religion #brainwashing #conditioning #codependency #truthseeker #truthteller #prose #shortstory #symbolic #source #faith #belief #poetry #poet #poem #spil #awareness #unconsciousness #selflove #enlightening #messenger #author #writer #meditation #yoga #uncoditionallove #kachkatie
#authenticselfie Do you ever feel the world has its priorities completely wrong? Like the idea we need bigger and shinier houses, but are we blessing people with them by opening our doors and inviting people in? We are told that how we look is the most important thing about us but is that what helps us discover cures for cancer or show people kindness? How about money is everything that we should be working towards, but it's never enough and we are never happy. The more I look at what I'm sold as the epitome of living the more I feel it's the opposite of what I'm here for. I wasn't placed on this earth to make a shit load of cash, buy a huge house and be skinny. To me that seems empty. We all have this deep desire to be needed, to serve a purpose. That's what will bring us contentment, when we are living a life that honours who we truly are and what gifts we bring. Money, houses, looks, those things can be taken away in an instant. Really living, is about knowing who you are and what you're here for. Don't fall for the lies that we are wired to need things to be happy, what we are wired for is to have meaning and to have relationships. Those things are free and that's why we aren't told this truth because they can't sell that to us xxx
The truth will set you free. We often hear this saying. But what does it point to? Each person interprets it in their own way, and it is in human nature that most interpret it in a positive way, meaning that the truth will be something that brings them even more joy in life. But it is often not so, and people are finding out facts that devastate them. What if you find out that everything you believed in and based your life on was fake? A big lie? That is now happenning to many people who are waking up and seeing through the many illusions, some of which are of their own making, and some passed down from generations before them that were equally deceived. I feel that when truth is revealed, and it is something other than what we believed in with all our hearts and minds, there is only one thing that can save the person from fear and suffering. And that is self love and self value. No matter what the truth is, your greatest treasure is your life, your awareness and consciousness, your very being, and your own self love which must sustain you through all the painful realisations of the way things really are. With self love you are ready to face any truth and remain strong. #thoughtoftheday #poet #poem #poetry #thinker #faith #doomed #belief #illusion #conditioning #poetryoning #writersofig #truthseeker #truth #innertruth #truthteller #writerscommunity #wordsmith #soulmesage #enlightening #poetryisnotdead #poetryinmotion #quote #qotd #wisewords #kachkatie #selflove
Want to join our club? We meet bimonthly to eat sour candy and talk about escaping capitalism, awkward posing, ghost stories, and nipples. #youcansitwithus (Mural 🎨 @jillian_evelyn at, 📸 @500_daysofwinter 💓)
Truth #regram @theresonantwitch ⚡️🔮
I need to be FEARLESS when it comes to me!! I will bungee jump, jump off buildings, ride crazy roller coasters and not give a thought about what could go wrong. I will stand up for a complete strangers with no regard to what might happen to me. But let me try and share my business with others, and now I am thinking about what could go wrong. What if i say the wrong thing. All sorts of crazy thoughts😒. I need to get over myself and treat myself the way I treat others. #truthtelling #truthtellingvideo. One take, one minute,one topic, no editing . #randomthoughtvideo #truthteller
I had SO much fun filming 31 short videos, behind the scenes with this year’s Miss Rodeo America pageant contestants! You can see them all on the MRA Facebook page! Check em out! ❤️. #Repost @missrodeoamerica2017 ・・・ The next behind the scenes with @millennialcoach featuring #Hawaii, #Idaho, #Illinois, #Iowa, #Louisiana, and #Minnesota is up on our Facebook! #missrodeoamerica #pageant #behindthescenes
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