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At the end, you'll end-up exactly where you're suppose to be, surrounded by the people and energy meant for you😊.Trust the process 💎! 🌟 -------------------------------------------------------- #AsiaArt #AsiaArtstudio #motivation #mood #blackandwhite #mentality #fit #fitness #traveler #vlog #selfawareness #selflove #love #loveyourself #goals #happiness #happy #blackbloggers #blackgirlmagic #blogger #darkskin #darkskinwomen #yoga #peace #blackexcellence #honesty #thetruth #turbanfashion #turban #yellow
Take Your Career Into Your Own Hands ⠀ ⠀
Let's close today as we hope to begin tomorrow. In beauty. Just a photo of my adored @emmaaivarssonn , to remind us all what things of wonder all models and all women are. I want you all to understand very clearly one thing. I realize that for someone who looks at my page for the first time, without having context , I can give the wrong impression of what my personal views and beliefs are. Unless you follow regularly , I completely understand how you will read a post where I call @taylor_hill and @romeestrijd "dumb models " and you assume that I am trying to suggest that all models are dumb . the truth is, I don't know any models who are dumb . I am making fun of the way people tend to stereotype in general, not of models . Taylor and Romee know full well that I have the greatest respect and only love for them both . I would never make fun of someone being dumb if I actually thought they were . that is not something to mock someone about . my regular followers understand that I am only joking , Taylor and Romee do too, I assure you. People who visit the page for the first time may find my posts offensive, and it saddens me, because I don't like offending anyone. but this page , the house of guru g is a small community within the IG community, and I won't change the way I do things , because you, my regular followers seem to enjoy visiting my house every day. it's actually OUR house. and we can do what we want, so help us God and Miley Cyrus. I love women , I love models, I respect and worship them all. Never let anyone tell you any different. Not even me. from myself and my love Emma here , goodnight, and until the morrow. Guru over & out. 👋❤🌠🌜🌛🌙🌟
This beauty is rockin' her Old English Necklace #akikostyle . . . We've got all your custom jewelry needs covered. Check out our entire name necklace collection at
//MONICA NYHUS// Er morgendagens gjestesnapper for oss💯😃🎉Vi kunne ikke blitt mere glad da hun sa JA til å dele sin magiske hverdag sammen med oss!🎉🙌🏼Damen med mange jern i ilden, 3 nydelige barn, sporty og en dyktig influencer på sosiale medier 💖🌸🌱Ta henne hjertelig varmt imot @monica.nyhus !🎀🌸💖Takker også @klarasdatter for at hun delte en svært viktig dag for oss i Bergen under #rosasløyfeløpet 🎀Tusen takk 💖
Thinking about doing a fall favorites video soon 🍁🍂
Hoy 19 de Octubre conmemoramos el Día Mundial del Cáncer de Mama. . . . . Recuerda tocarte! Explora tus senos en forma circular, da pequeñas palmadas, presiona al rededor de la aureola y verifica que no tengas bolitas, endurecimiento, picazón, hinchazón, piel de naranja o asimetría. Chequéate paulatinamente en casa, durante la ducha, acosada con los brazos hacia arriba y parada frente a un espejo. Chequearte es la clave! . . . . #LaHermosaMama #mama #mom #diamundialdelcancerdemama #cancerdemam #cancerdeseno #tocate #tocateantesquetetoque #19deOctubre #vblog #vlog #blog #instablog #bloggergram #mamablogger #bloggermom
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